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Deadly games: 10 most dangerous toys for children


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Since the quarantine was announced, the demand for children's toys has grown exponentially. Millions of parents around the world, forced to stay at home with their babies for months, rushed to order toys online to keep their kids entertained. But are they safe? Experts say with full confidence that many toys are mortal danger to children, warns Big Picture.

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According to the shocking results of a recent study, 60% of toys sold online can seriously injure a child and even lead to death. Toys that are hazardous to life and health include battery-operated devices with long cords and small parts.

With the approaching New Year holidays, the demand for toys will increase even more. When choosing a gift, you need to think carefully to protect your family and loved ones from the danger posed by some baby products. Here are ten potential threats that can turn harmless entertainment into tragedy.

Burning batteries

Small batteries must be removed from the toy before giving it to your baby. Children can open the lid and swallow them. Just 45 minutes later, life-threatening substances seep into the body and cause internal bleeding, serious injury and even death.

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Long wires and laces

Long cords and laces can suffocate a child if they wind them around their neck during play. The same applies to fancy dress for matinees with ribbons and cords: negligence can lead to a tragic outcome.

Magnets that glue the intestines

Awful, but there are cases when babies had to remove part of the intestine after they swallowed magnetic parts of toys. The magnets on the products are not always firmly attached. If a child swallows several of them, they are attracted to each other inside the intestines and stick together. This can lead to the development of infection and even death.

Dangerous pistol game

Toy pistols are some of the most popular gifts for boys, but they are very dangerous. Bullets for such pistols should not injure a child, but not all manufacturers take this into account.

As a result, accidents occur: the bullets enter the eyes or other sensitive areas, leading to bleeding and sometimes blindness. In addition, the pistol must be designed in such a way that it cannot be loaded with anything other than the intended toy bullets.

Small parts

For babies under three years old, small parts are dangerous due to the risk of suffocation. Many toys contain small items that can be easily removed and swallowed. If they go down the throat and get stuck, the child could suffocate. The danger is represented by toys that, when dropped, disintegrate into small parts.

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Burning electrical appliances

Hair straighteners are popular with teenage girls, but are dangerous because they get very hot. If used carelessly, they can burn your hands and face.

The same side effect is with battery-operated toys, which get very hot with prolonged use.

Hazardous chemicals

Phthalates are chemical compounds that are used in the manufacture of plastic toys to give them flexibility and elasticity. The permissible content of these substances in the material from which the toy is made should be no more than 0,1%, but in some products for children the content of phthalates is exceeded several times.

In addition, toys sometimes contain deadly lead, which accumulates in the body, leading to chronic diseases. Toddlers often taste new toys, and it can harm their health if harmful chemicals enter the body.

Plastic box

Most toys are packed in plastic bags. A kid can put such a bag on his head and suffocate. The walls of the bags should be as thin as possible to prevent the risk of suffocation. However, few manufacturers pay attention to this important detail.

Lack of information on safety and age restrictions

Many parents, when buying toys, carefully study the information about their safety. However, some products do not contain such data or are indicated incorrectly. This is especially true for toys powered by electricity. Manufacturers do not always indicate their address to which buyers can contact in case the product is harmful to health, so that it can be promptly withdrawn from sale.

Sharp-edged toys

Sharp edges can cut and injure a child like a knife. Toys should be designed so that they do not have protruding piercing or cutting parts. However, not all products have smooth shapes. When buying, you need to pay attention to whether the toy does not scratch the skin in order to protect babies from injury.

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