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Death of children, prison and blindness: the tragic fate of the most talented actress of the USSR


Source: Rambler Cinema

For many years Valentina Malyavina was considered one of the most attractive and talented actresses of the Soviet Union. She had many amazing roles, but Malyavina did not have enough stars from the sky, because in addition to a successful career, fate prepared many unpleasant and even tragic surprises for her.

Photo: video frame YouTube / Moscow House-boarding house of science veterans


The talent of the young artist was revealed in the first year. When Malyavina had just entered the Shchukin School, Andrei Tarkovsky immediately noticed her and invited her to the main role in the film "Ivan's Childhood", says Rambler Cinema.

Between the legendary director and the young actress he immediately began an affair, despite the fact that he and she were already married. Love and work helped the girl to forget, because shortly before admission she survived the tragedy. After graduation, Valya became pregnant, but her parents were categorically against this child. In the seventh month, she was tricked and sent to a doctor, where he gave her an injection and caused an artificial birth. So Malyavina lost her child.

Photo: video frame YouTube / Moscow House-boarding house of science veterans

After shooting in the film Tarkovsky actress became known throughout the country. She immediately fell on the role, she began to actively act and even play in the theater. Very soon she divorced her first husband and married Pavel Arsenov, but this marriage did not last long. Some time later, Malyavina met Alexander Kaidanovsky, who had been her lover for several years.

Meanwhile, the actress became pregnant again, but the child was not destined to be born again. Daughter Masha died while still in the hospital from an infection. This event is very squeezed actress: she fell into depression, began to abandon the roles and even wanted to escape to the monastery. But one event prevented her.

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Another romance of Valentina took place with actor Stanislav Zhdanko, who for a long time was a devoted admirer of the actress. The couple moved very quickly, but their life together did not go well. Zhdanko was by no means a sought-after actor, and Malyavin was less likely to be invited to shoot because she began to drink frequently after the death of the child.

Photo: video frame YouTube / Moscow House-boarding house of science veterans

During this period, Valentina became fascinated with palmistry and found in her hand a sign denoting imprisonment. Then he and his lover only laughed at it, although at that moment the mysterious sign was worth trusting.

The tragedy occurred in 1978, when Zhdanko was found at home with a knife stuck in his chest. According to Valentina, it happened like this. Shel Lent, and the woman wanted to drink. Stanislav was a believer and therefore was strongly opposed. The woman did not listen to him and went to the kitchen for alcohol, and, returning to the room, she saw her husband fall from the chair.

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Malyavina claimed that, most likely, Zhdanko wanted to scare her, but did not calculate his strength and thrust the knife too deep. The investigation also decided to stick with this version, but only for five years. Years later, a friend of the actor said that it was Malyavina who killed him. Valentina to the last denied any involvement in the incident, but the court was adamant. The actress was put on nine years, during which she played in prison performances, worked in the bath and the library.

Photo: video frame YouTube / Moscow House-boarding house of science veterans

Life after

Once free, Malyavina appeared in several more films, but after that her career ended definitively. Valentina started painting and got married a few more times, but both marriages were unsuccessful. In addition, the woman was unable to overcome her craving for alcohol, and in 2001 another misfortune happened to her.

Malyavina said that she hit the joint, but, according to a more truthful version, she was beaten by her partner. Anyway, as a result of the incident, the woman broke her collarbone and became blind in one eye, and very soon lost her sight.

But this was not the end of the misfortunes.

Once friends, drinking buddies tried to take away the apartment from the actress while she was in the sanatorium. Her cellmate helped her to organize her business after her release. She returned Malyavina’s apartment and sent her for treatment at a drug treatment clinic.

Malyavina in 2017 year. Photo: video frame YouTube / Moscow House-boarding house of science veterans

For 18 years now, the blind and lonely Malyavina has been living in a closed clinic - a boarding house for science veterans in Moscow.

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