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Change of name, move and new title of the wife: how the life of Prince William will change after the coronation


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InStyle tells how the life of the Duke of Cambridge (and the life of the whole country) will change when he becomes king.

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The quarantine in the UK has already become the longest period of absence of Elizabeth II in office. And most likely, the isolation of the 94-year-old queen will drag on for a very long time. According to the royal biographer Andrew Morton, Elizabeth II may no longer return to her duties - at her age it is too risky to regularly arrange receptions and go on international tours.

By law, the next contender for the royal throne will be her son, Prince Charles. But, according to insiders, the Queen can transfer the reins of power to her grandson Prince William and his wife Kate Middleton, bypassing the line of succession to the throne. On the birthday of the Duke of Cambridge, we decided to figure out how his life will change (and what will happen to Great Britain) when he becomes the new king.

William will have to change his name

After accession to the throne, British monarchs usually choose a new name. So, the father of Elizabeth II, whose name was Albert, after the coronation became George VI. Possible choices for William include Arthur, Philip, Louis, and Georg. However, the Duke of Cambridge may keep his name, but then he will go down in history as William V.

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British pound will look different

The US currency practically does not change with the change of presidents - portraits of prominent statesmen continue to adorn dollars, regardless of whether they are alive or not. In Great Britain, the rules are different: the pounds are reprinted in accordance with the current sovereign. Now the face of Elizabeth II is depicted on the state currency of England, but if Prince William ascends the throne, the money will be replaced.

Postage stamps will change too

In addition to the bills, Great Britain will also have to replace the postage stamps that now adorn the Queen's face. It will also need to update the mailboxes engraved with Elizabeth II's initials “E II R” and replace the lettering with “W” in honor of the new king.

Prince William and Kate Middleton will move

Now Prince William and Kate Middleton live with their three children in the cozy Kensington Palace, which was the residence of Princess Diana before her death. If William becomes king, the family will have to move to the colossal Buckingham Palace with eight floors and nearly 800 rooms.

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A new hymn will appear

In the Great Britain anthem there is the famous line "God Save the Queen". When the throne passes to William, the text will have to be changed to "God save the king."

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Kate Middleton's title will change

Naturally, the coronation of Prince William cannot but affect his wife. When William ascends the throne, Kate Middleton will become the queen consort, and will be referred to as "Her Majesty." In this regard, she was much more fortunate than the husband of Elizabeth II, the Duke of Edinburgh Philip. This is because, according to the traditions of the British monarchy, women can be crowned together with a spouse who ascends to the throne, but men are deprived of this privilege, since the title of king (albeit a consort king) means real power.

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