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Bold and stylish: instead of a wedding dress - overalls. A PHOTO


Source: Beauty

Every bride wants to look at her wedding in an original and unique way. Not so long ago there was a boom on wedding dresses of various colors and shades. Emerald, red and even black. Inclusions of various fabrics in white. Precious stones and fresh flowers. But this year, another idea of ​​designers - wedding overalls - confidently enters the fashion. - writes Beauty.

Of course, this is very bold and even extravagant, but why not experiment? The bride in trouser overalls is stylish, modern and amazing. Leave lush dresses in the past.

Wedding overalls of the bride perfectly will be suitable both for a big celebration, and for a small modest wedding. This outfit will be appropriate for any stylized wedding. It is now also in fashion - a wedding in the vampire style, a wedding in the style of country, Provence, boho, retro and many others. The main thing is to choose a jumpsuit for the overall style of the wedding.

Jumpsuits are becoming popular, and designers offer more and more models and various decorative solutions. Demand are overalls with a V-neckline, wide leg trousers, decoration with embroidery or jewels. And also - translucent fabrics and guipure.

If you are afraid that the bride in a trouser wedding overalls will lose their halo of tenderness, femininity and refinement - you are mistaken. Some girls in such overalls look particularly impressive. By the way, it is not necessary to choose long pants, there are beautiful models with shortened legs. It is practical and convenient.

The color can be chosen in the same way as with a regular wedding dress - champagne, ayvor, pastel pink or blue. You can complement the image with elegant shoes - pumps, open sandals, veils or delicate wedding wreaths.

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