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Glory after death: the tragedy of Tatyana Snezhina, the author of the song 'Call me with you'


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The author of the immortal hits of the 1990s this year could have turned 48 years old, but fate had other plans for Tatyana Snezhina, writes Female islet.

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Surely any person at least once heard Pugacheva’s famous song “Call me with you”.

Once this composition was very popular and was the leader in numerous charts. And now it causes pleasant nostalgia and a little sadness.

But not everyone knows that the Prima Donna is not the first performer of the famous hit. The song was first heard from the girl who wrote it, Tatyana Snezhina.

The moment of her glory was so short that it seemed to many ghostly, unreal. In pursuit of the sensation, some media outlets tried to steal her memory after Tanya’s death: they wrote that no Snezhina had ever existed. And who was it? The project created by bigwigs of domestic show business. They came up with the image of a pretty girl who writes songs and poems, and then sings them from the stage. Then they closed the project. And the whole conversation.

It is not true. Tanya Snezhina was. And the fate of this lively, very talented girl was piercingly tragic. However, first things first.

The real name of Tatyana is Pechenkina. She was born in Lugansk, in a military family. She lived in Kamchatka as a child, and then moved to Moscow. From an early age she wrote poetry and was fond of singing.

And although the girl loved creativity, after school she decided to go to medical school. Of course, she did not leave her favorite business. Many of her creations have been approved by millions of fans.

At 22, the singer first appeared on the stage of the Variety Theater. Then she already took the pseudonym. She chose it as a memory of snowy Kamchatka.

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While Tatyana was studying, her parents left for Novosibirsk. Once, visiting her guests, she met producer Sergei Bugaev. He liked the work of the singer, so after some time he invited her to record an album.

In the future, warm feelings arose between them, and Sergei suggested the chosen one to get married. The couple began preparations for the celebration, but did not forget about creativity.

Tatyana Snezhina and Sergey Bugaev. Screenshot: Victor K / YouTube

But this joyful event did not happen, because a month before him, Snezhin, along with his fiancé and their friends, had a car accident.

August 18, 1995 Snezhin, Bugaev and four of their friends went on a minibus "Nissan" in the Altai Mountains for honey and sea buckthorn oil. On August 21, they drove back and ran into a MAZ truck on the 106th kilometer of the Chuysky Highway in the Novosibirsk Region. All the people who were in Nissan, including Snezhin, died.

Her songs were later performed by Alla Pugacheva, Kristina Orbakaite, Nikolai Trubach and many other stars. The texts of Tatiana reach the heart, cling to the living. And one of the poems of the poetess completely became prophetic for her:

If I die ahead of time
You give me the white swans
Between the feathers of their wings I get tangled
And I will race with them in my dream.
And don’t call a priest in my house,
Yes, and the church does not need to funeral me.
Let the free winds sing me
My soul dispossessed will be served.
Well, my body is empty
Throw damp earth over
Yes put him unbaptized
Cross, that I was forgiven of God.
Don't put flowers on my grave
Let it grow in lush grass.
Let the forget-me-nots bloom in spring
Yes, winter will fall in white snow.
If I die ahead of time
May the swans carry me away
Far, far to the edge unknown
High, high in the bright sky ...

(September 29, 1991, Moscow)

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