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She hid her belly and published archival photos: Brukhunova said that she herself gave birth to a child to Petrosyan


Source: Star hit

The humorist's young wife denied the information that a surrogate mother was carrying their child with Petrosyan, writes Star hit.

Photo: bruhunova / Instagram

75-year-old Evgeny Petrosyan proved to everyone that it is never too late to become a parent: six months ago his son Vagan was born, which was shown to the public only yesterday. The humorist's wife immediately denied the information that the surrogate mother took out the baby.

“I am grateful to everyone who, noticing my sooo loose dresses, didn’t show it and left them in the comfort zone. Those who realized that the photo in the Instagram feed was a year old and that the full-length pictures were replaced by portraits of a "milk" plan, who without batting an eye wrote kind words on abstract topics. Thanks to everyone who guessed, but delicately kept silent. It was not the easiest time for me, but infinitely happy! ” - wrote a young mother.

Photo: bruhunova / Instagram

According to Tatyana Brukhunova, she had to carefully hide the pregnancy. True, many netizens for some reason do not believe the humorist's wife.

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The negative towards Tanya did not end there. Brukhunova was accused of insincerity towards Yevgeny Petrosyan, suggesting that she gave birth only in order to get a multi-million dollar humorist fortune. Tatiana reacted rather harshly.

“Well, give birth from locksmiths. What have I got to do with it ?! " She said indignantly.

We were asked why Tatyana and Yevgeny Vaganovich just now decided to tell the truth about their family, she answered quite predictably.

“I’m tired of the rumors around my family and the specific situation. There are no details of my personal life and will not be in my posts, ”emphasized Brukhunova, who, apparently, is not going to turn her personal Instagram page into a blog for young mothers.

“I believe that during such a period a woman and her family should be in silence, and not advertise this situation,” she added.

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