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How much do modern French women weigh and how do they lose weight?


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The trendsetters are slim and graceful. This is precisely the opinion that has developed about French women. How much do they really weigh? What do they do when they want to lose weight? The author of the channel talks about this. "French baguette" on Yandex.Zen.

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The average weight of modern French women is 63 kg, and their average height is 165 cm. Subtracting the number of weight from the number of growth, we get 102. Is this ratio sufficient to be considered slim? Rather yes than no. But the average French contemporary does not reach the status of “slender”. It is received by a woman whose height and weight difference is more than 110.

For comparison: the average height of Russians is 165,3 cm, and weight - 69 kg. It turns out that with a growth of only 0,3 cm taller, a Russian woman weighs 6 kg more than a Frenchwoman. And if you subtract the number of weights from the number of growth, we get 96,3. This, of course, is far from the much-desired by many 110, but the complete average Russian woman can hardly be called either.

Is it far from 90-60-90?

According to a study of textile sellers, collected on the basis of data from 52 customers aged 000 to 17, the volumes of a modern average French woman are 65-93-75 cm. These are the parameters of a perfectly slender woman.

Other standards?

Most French women wear sizes 38 and 40 (which corresponds to Russian 44 and 46). These are the sizes that are the first to disappear during sales. But clothes of sizes 34-36 and 46+ are delayed the longest.

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By the way, the 46th size, corresponding to our 52nd, is worn by about 9% of French women.

Interestingly, many brands seek to flatter their customers by changing the size standards of their products. Recently I came across information that “38 today is 40 yesterday”! That is, the standards of the 38th (44th Russian) size of the 2000s for many clothing brands correspond to the standards of the 40th (46) 1970s! In general, a daughter may not fit into an old mother's skirt of a size similar to her own!

Well, probably, it will be useful to note that French women hate discomfort in all its manifestations, therefore, if possible, they choose “top” and outerwear one size larger. “Ducked” so as not to breathe, you see French women infrequently.

How do French women lose weight

For many Russian women, the process of losing weight is associated with the deprivation of pleasure, a tasteless diet and grueling exercise. But there are not so many French women who torture themselves with all this for the sake of losing weight. They love themselves too much and are not ready to make such sacrifices, even for the sake of harmony coveted by all women.

Deny a slice of cheese, wine, a slice of crispy baguette, dessert? Chewing something tasteless and bland? Do not go to a restaurant? Refuse a barbecue with friends or family dinners? Yes, you are crazy !!!

“I would like, of course, to lose weight, but not at the same price!” - the typical Frenchwoman will say and pour herself a glass of burgundy.

Depriving yourself of daily pleasures is not in line with the philosophy of most French people. After all, it is from them that their famous art de vivre ("art of living") is formed.

What to do?

The main principle of the French diet: not to exclude, but to limit. Reduce the amount of fat, sugar, portion size, introduce less nutritious, but always tasty dishes into the diet! And enjoy both the cooking process and their eating!

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And, of course, add only such physical activity that will be a joy. Exhausting and monotonous exercises in gyms, French women over 30 are not very fond of. They choose to walk, swim, bike, run and dance! A favorite among dances in recent years is, perhaps, zumba. Lively and positive, it competes with conventional cardio workouts.

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