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How much is the beauty of Gwyneth Paltrow


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The famous American actress Gwyneth Paltrow carefully cares about her appearance. Oscar-winning beauty claims that her unearthly, fairy-tale and elvish appearance is given to her by genetics and nature. A healthy lifestyle, proper nutrition, sports and regular sleep work wonders on the face of 44-year-old actress. But Gwyneth owes her flawless appearance not only to her parents and nature. Her personal bank account also makes an invaluable contribution to smooth, fresh and young skin.



Every month, the actress spends about $ 21 thousand on her appearance. She respects microdermabrasion procedures. Such a delicate and soft polishing of the skin of the face costs more than $ 2 thousands per month. Gwyneth does not miss the opportunity to work the facial muscles with special current discharges. For the procedures of electromyostimulation laid out a considerable amount.

Oxygenation is also included in the monthly list of work on appearance, providing oxygen to the deep layers of the skin. The beauty uses special products based on rejuvenating plant stem cells. Two to four times a week, the Oscar-winner visits a beautician, performs massage and other beauty procedures.

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