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How much Pugacheva and Galkin pay for raising twins


A source: TVNZ

It would seem that only yesterday, happy Maxim Galkin told reporters what kind of happiness Alla Pugacheva gave him, allowing him to become a father. And now the twins of the star couple, Harry and Lisa, born by a surrogate mother due to the once frozen Pugache cages, are preparing to celebrate their first anniversary: ​​18 September marks 5 years.


The kids spent three summer months with their mother on vacation. First, they rested in Cyprus, then went to visit family friends in Italy and completed their vacation in Latvia, in Jurmala, - here the spouses have been renting a villa for the third year in a row, notes TVNZ.

Harry Galkin's godmother, designer Mila Stavitskaya, in a conversation with KP, noted that the Pugacheva and Galkina twins were developed beyond their years:

- They already know all the letters and numbers, can read, count, learn French ... Harry is well-mannered. Never interferes with adult conversations. If you need to ask something, he says: "Excuse me, can I interrupt you?" So Alla Borisovna taught him.


Family friends have already prepared the twins gifts.

- It is difficult to choose a gift. Harry and Lisa have many interests. They love dinosaurs, Lego constructor. Harry likes helicopters, cars. I think that they need to develop in a sports direction, so I look closely at bicycles, - continues Mila Stavitskaya.

One of the first Harry and Lisa to congratulate with the 5 anniversary head of the theater "Contemporary" Galina Volchek.

- Harry and Lisa consider Galina Borisovna their grandmother. That's what they call her - grandmother Galya. They love her very much, - says Mila Stavitskaya. - And Galina Borisovna treats them like grandchildren. She doesn't have her own ... In general, Lisa and Harry are very sociable. They are friends with Alla Borisovna's grand-nephew Zhenechka (the singer took custody of the boy when his parents had another drug breakdown. - Ed.) And with the daughter of Christina Orbakaite Claudia.


By the way, this year Zhenya Pugachev went to the first class. The boy grows up in the family of the driver Alla Borisovna Igor Polishkova, whom he already calls the Pope. But Harry and Lisa while going to the preparatory group of kindergarten. In the first class they will go next year.



Harry and Lisa Galkin attend the French kindergarten Puss in Boots, located near their castle in the village of Gryaz. Tuition here costs 195 rubles ($ 2780) per month per child. Native speakers work with kids. All lessons are playful. Children dance, sing in a choir (optional), learn to play castanets and maracas. You can take the first music lessons - learn to play the piano or the violin. In the older group, where Harry and Lisa went this year, the kids learn chess and learn how to cook pudding, guacamole, onion soup, spaghetti and bouillabaisse soup with a professional French chef.

Plus, the twins have a French tutor, a graduate of the Sorbonne, who comes to them for homework. The services of a tutor of this category cost about 110 thousand rubles. (1500 dollars) per month for one child.

Liza's hobby for swimming is also not cheap: with a schedule - two classes per week (the standard rate for a coach leaving the Moscow Ring Road is 6000 rubles for a 40-minute lesson - 85 dollars) it takes about 48 thousand rubles. ($ 680) per month.


Lisa and Harry also started working with a speech therapist since last year. 12 thousand rubles are allocated from the family budget for this. ($ 170) per month (on average, a lesson with one child costs about 1500 rubles - $ 22).

With babies constantly are nannies who live with them in the castle. For two governesses, a stellar pair spends about 200 thousand rubles. (2800 dollars) per month.

It turns out that in a year (taking into account the summer holidays, when children fly away on vacation - again, accompanied not only by their parents, but also by two nannies), Pugacheva and Galkin spend at least 6 million rubles (about $ 85) on their heirs ... Fortunately, Maxim works a lot: he gives sold-out concerts, performs at corporate parties, hosts a TV show.

- We need to somehow earn money - everything ends, - Alla Pugacheva admitted in a recent interview with Oleg Menshikov. - The husband sometimes lets go to work, because well, I'm not used to such a life. Being supported by your husband is terrible. And not mine at all!

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