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How much do you need for life in the US large family



Austin Karn, 33 years old, and his 29-year-old wife Sarah have been living together for nine years. They have three young children, and they like to live in the city of Reno, Nevada. However, their total debts in the amount of more than $ 100.000 forced them to sell their home and move to live with Karn's parents, who do not take money from them for living.

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“We're not very good at planning and controlling our expenses,” says Karn, who works as a sales representative for Lincare, Inc, a medical supplies company.

Karn expects to earn between $ 60.000 and $ 65.000 this year. Mrs. Carn works from home as an independent consultant to cosmetics company Arbonne International LLC (selling cosmetics). She earns about $ 300 - $ 400 per month.

They recently sold their home for $ 200.000, earning $ 26.000 profit.

“We miss our own home,” says Austin Karn, adding that he and his wife are hoping to buy a new home within a few years. The house they sold had 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, approximately 110 square meters of space, and a built-in garage for 1 car.

But the Karn family owes $ 25.400 on credit cards, about $ 60.000 on student loans, and $ 22.000 on a car loan.

The couple used three credit cards to pay for everyday expenses, Karn says, and they spend too much on food.

“We just didn't make ends meet,” he says. "It would cause us to either eat much less healthy food than my wife prefers and never have any entertainment, or continue to sink into deeper debts."

The spouses' monthly budget currently includes at least $ 1000 for food (Carn buys food for the whole family), $ 400 in car loan payments, and $ 100 for clothes and diapers. Austin Carne also pays for life insurance for his two older children, age 4 and 2, for about $ 70 a month.

He began to pay off debts with money from selling a house, and he hopes that from January he will be able to send $ 1500 from his monthly salary to pay off debts. He has a retirement savings plan from working with a balance of less than $ 15.000, in which 5% wages are set aside, and his company adds as much.

Total budget family Karn:

  • Monthly Income: $ 5,666
  • Income tax: $ 130 per month (2.3%, why so, you can count here:
  • Social tax: $ 433 per month (7.65%)

Power: $ 1000
Car loan: $ 400
Insurance of a car and petrol: $ 100 (the main expenses for petrol Karna are reimbursed by the employer, as he travels a lot to work)
Clothing and diapers: $ 100
Remaining Costs: $ 200
Phones: $ 120
Health Insurance: $ 250
Child Life Insurance: $ 70
Husband retirement savings: $ 270

  • Mandatory credit card payments: $ 650
  • Mandatory payments on educational loans: $ 250
  • Early Debt Payment: $ 1500

Residue: $ 193.

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