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How many sweets a day can a child be allowed: the opinion of a gastroenterologist



Children love sweets and begging for candy or chocolates from their parents is a common thing. Some adults are terribly afraid that the child will “earn” diabetes, obesity or ruin their teeth, so they do not allow sweets for the baby at all, while other parents believe that children need to be pampered and do not make any restrictions. How many sweets and other sweet treats can a child eat per day?

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Especially for Aleksey Golovenko, a gastroenterologist (GMS Clinic), Candidate of Medical Sciences, host of the GastroPub telegram channel, answered this question. Further - from the first person.

“I can say right away that a child is not able to eat so much chocolate to harm himself. It just won't work. Therefore, worrying about the harm from caffeine or something else is not worth it.

Another thing is the calorie content and sugar content in specific bars. Different tiles, different brands contain different amounts of sugar, so you need to focus on the composition.

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If you do not go into details, then an average bar or a bar of chocolate per day is not harmful.

There is another side to the issue - this is the formation of bad eating habits.

Here you need to look at the susceptibility of the child: if a bar a day leads to the fact that the child requires only chocolate, then you need to give less. If the child eats vegetables, fruits, and other foods, then there will be no harm.

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