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Blue or black: Melania Trump's $ 2000 cloak has sparked heated debate on the Web


Source: Facts

The first lady of the USA knows how to surprise! The new image of Melania Trump caused another rumor on the Web, they write "Facts". What is it this time?

Photo: video frame YouTube / Global News

The outfit of the first lady of the United States, in which she appeared with her husband Donald Trump in New Orleans, at an American football match at the National College Championships, perplexed Web users.

Photo: video frame YouTube / Global News

49-year-old Melania Trump was released in a spectacular leather coat with a metallic sheen from Scanlan Theodore and black suede stilettos.

Photo: video frame YouTube / Global News

A cape worth $ 2000 was considered by many to be dark blue.


However, according to the Daily Mail, it turned out that in fact it is black - this is how it is positioned on the Scanlan Theodore website.

On the subject: Melania Trump was first published in the new year and delighted in a stylish way.

So the blue color is just an optical illusion caused by the play of light.

Photo: screen shot

In the network about this controversy erupted. Moreover, under different lighting conditions, the cloak looked different every time. However, most of the time it still could not be called completely black.

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