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Shock: Israeli scientists have denied everything you knew about food and diets


Source: NTV

The shocking discovery of Israeli scholars turns all prevailing ideas and prejudices about food upside down.

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This week it turned out that all the bans and recommendations that many eminent nutritionists have been talking about all these years have nothing to do with the real needs of our body, says NTV.

A reporter from Central Television has figured out who and why all these years fed us with myths about tasty and healthy food. How to live further if everything that we were previously told about nutrition is a lie?

Today, more and more scientists all over the world, independently of each other, find evidence that a “healthy diet”, common to all, does not exist in principle. And the same dietary and seemingly most useful cucumbers and zucchini for some people in general can be a deadly shot for health. For example, while it treats some bitterness in cucumbers and zucchini, others it does not even cripple, but how the eraser wipes off the face of the Earth.

Experiment scientists from the Weizmann Institute calls into question all existing diets. Universal for all healthy eating does not exist. Useful and unhealthy products for each person their own.

Eran Segal, Researcher at Weizmann Institute in Israel:

“The main reason for this phenomenon is that due to the same food one person will gain weight and the other will lose, we consider the differences in the intestinal microflora of these people. Because the so-called good bacteria in our stomach have a huge impact on food absorption and metabolism. ”

Such an individual reaction to the same food in different people, in turn, explains the difference in changes in the level of sugar in their blood, scientists say. After all, it is this indicator that more than any other affects both body weight and the state of the whole body.

“Each of the subjects was connected to a system of continuous monitoring of glucose, which measured the blood sugar level of the subjects every five minutes. As a result, at the end of the test for each of the 1000 people, we 2500 once measured the daily blood sugar level. This is unprecedented for medicine. ”

Israeli scientists assure that literally tomorrow their unique method will be available to almost everyone. The ways to find your own eating style are different: someone resorts to methods of bioresonance diagnostics and other ways to find their "compatibility" with a particular food. And some experts recommend following the principles of intuitive eating, and leaving in the diet those foods that your body can absorb well.

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