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Sinead O'Connor hospitalized after suicide video


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The famous Irish singer Sinead O'Connor posted on her Facebook page a video in which she admitted that she had not been abandoned by suicidal thoughts for two years now. Reports about it Lenta.

In the video, which lasts 12 minutes, Sinead tells that she is absolutely lonely and there is no one in her life except her doctor.

Now the star 90-x is in one of the hospitals of the US state of New Jersey. She was diagnosed with bipolar affective disorder.

And this is not the first statement of this kind. Two years ago, Sinead wrote a post in Facebookin which she stated that she took a lethal dose of a certain medicine.

The woman claimed that her husband and children treat her terribly cruel and there are many betrayals in her life. In addition, Sinead had attempted suicide between 33 and 45 years. She was married four times, she has four children. By decision of the court, she is deprived of custody of the younger, 13-year-old son.
This time the singer complained of absolute loneliness.

“Now I live in a motel (...) on the outskirts of New Jersey. I have no one but my doctor, my psychiatrist - the best person on earth who says that I am his hero. This is the only damn thing that makes me live for the moment, ”said the 50-year-old performer.

She added that her family treats her like “shit” and refuses to care.

“I know that I am only one of the millions and millions of people in the world who are suffering the same way as I, but who do not have the resources that I have. (...) Mental illness is like a drug; they don't care who you are, ”O'Connor added.

Video recording appeared on the personal page of the singer still 4 August, and now 8 August appeared post, allegedly written on behalf of Sinead that everything is okay with her and at the moment she is surrounded by care and love.

“I will not answer any questions, so treat with understanding. I hope that this will calm those who are experiencing, "- said in a statement.

Sinead O'Connor has released more 10 albums and 30 singles. World fame performer brought a cover of the song Prince Nothing Compares 2 U. For the album I Do Not Want What I Haven't Got O'Connor won the Grammy Award in 1991.

The singer is known for scandalous deeds: in 1992, on the TV show Saturday Night Live In protest against sexual harassment in the Catholic Church, she tore up a photograph of Pope John Paul II. At the same time, at the rehearsal, O'Connor's performances were holding a photo of a refugee child. In the same year, Sinead appeared in the role of writer Emily Bronte in the film “Thunderstorm Pass”.

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