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Six-year-old girl saved her mother from the brutal violence of her father



A resident of the British city of Doncaster Jodie Keegans said that her six-year-old daughter saved her from the violence of her husband, which she endured for three years.

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In October, 2017, a girl approached her teacher and admitted that her father was torturing her mother. The teacher complained to the supervisory authorities, causing the man to be arrested, and in September of 2018, he was imprisoned for 18 years, writes

When a man was arrested, the woman was sent to the hospital. She was diagnosed with a fracture of the shoulder and ribs, as well as a spinal injury, on the head of the woman in some places her hair was pulled out, and on the body there were traces of bites. She spent five Christmas days at the hospital.

"It was my best Christmas," admitted Kiganz.

According to the British, her husband was not always so cruel. They met at a nightclub in 2005, and got married three years later.

“It all started very well, at first he was a great husband and father, but about three years ago his proprietary behavior began to worsen,” recalls Kigans.

Her husband did not allow her to work, use her mobile phone, and meet with friends or family members. She even missed the funeral of her sister, who died suddenly in 2015 year from an undiagnosed cancer.

Kigance calls daughter his superhero.

“She really saved my life,” says the mother.


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