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Sharon Stone - 62: what the famous actress looks like and what she does



March 10 is the birthday of the great and beautiful Sharon Stone. It is hard to believe, but the main beauty of Hollywood cinema turns 62 years old. talks about how the actress looks and what she does today.

Stone in the TV series New Dad, 2020. Video frame YouTube / HBO

It looks just fine

In the series Paolo Sorrentino's “New Dad”, the 62-year-old actress played a short role. According to the plot, she comes to the pope for an audience. The pontiff, whose role was played by John Malkovich, convinces Stone to hide her beautiful legs, so as not to embarrass him and the cardinals.

This episode is a clear allusion to the classic episode from the 1992 film “Basic Instinct”, where young Stone also seduced the investigator with her feet (Michael Douglas played his role).

Thanks to the appearance in the series of Sorrentino, Stone showed the world a model of how you can look in the seventh decade: the actress does not have excess weight, she is still beautiful, and even the spiteful people will not turn her tongue to call her “old woman”.

Stone in the TV series New Dad, 2020. Video frame YouTube / HBO

Had health problems but coped with them

In 2001, Sharon Stone suffered a stroke, which almost led to the collapse of her career: the actress did not act in film for almost two years.

“I had one chance in a million. And then for another month the doctors did not give guarantees whether I would live or not. I had to learn to walk again, hear, write, speak ... Then I thought for a long time that I was dying. Even after I returned home, ”the actress recalled that time.

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According to Stone, her husband abandoned her when she was ill. At that moment, the actress was married to the editor of the newspaper "San Francisco Chronicle" - Phil Bronstein. He became her second official spouse. Together with him, the actress adopted a boy, Roen Joseph.

“While I was recovering from the illness, my husband divorced me and married his girlfriend. And they sued me for custody of my son. And looking back, I can say that I didn’t have the strength and health to attend court many times and fight for custody, ”Stone said.


Lives in Hollywood with three foster children

After a divorce from Bronstein, Sharon Stone adopted two more children from the orphanage - in 2005, a boy named Laird Vonn, and in 2006 - a boy named Quinn Kelly. The actress herself could not give birth: in the past, Stone had two miscarriages. Therefore, she decided to become a foster mother.

“Motherhood was my dream as much as I remember. I was always ready to take the child for adoption, because the doctors warned me about possible complications during my own pregnancy, ”the actress said in an interview.

Interestingly, her eldest adoptive son Roen, having lived for some time with his adoptive father, ex-husband Stone, returned to her. Today he is 19 years old: Roen often accompanies her mother at social events and film awards.


Twisted novels with young and beautiful

During the filming of "The New Pope" in Rome, it became known about the new novel by Sharon Stone. In between filming, the actress walked around the Eternal City, accompanied by a man in whom the local media identified the Italian journalist and human rights activist Enzo Curcio. He is 10 years younger than Stone. In 2018, Enzo was nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize.

For the sake of this novel, Stone abandoned her previous lover - 42-year-old Italian businessman Angelo Boff. According to rumors, Boffa even made the actress an offer, but was refused.

“The novel developed too rapidly. While Sharon did not want to lose her freedom and intended to leave everything as it is, ”a source close to the star actress told reporters.

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However, in a recent interview with Allure magazine, the actress admitted that she now has no man.

“I think the question of“ best sex in adulthood ”is speculative. After all, if I had a lover now, I would have thought that yes, because it is the fruit of love. But sex for the sake of sex at the moment of my life is not interesting to me, ”Stone said.


Prefers daring outfits

In February 2020, Sharon Stone appeared in a very revealing outfit at a charity evening in Los Angeles dedicated to the fight against AIDS.

Sharon once again showed that in the seventh ten you can remain a sex symbol. She wore a black lace jumpsuit for the evening with a very deep neckline. This caused a violent reaction from fans who called the actress’s outfit “dangerous”, “frank” and “seductive costume”.

Was removed from dating site.

The profile of Sharon Stone has been deleted from a well-known dating site. The administration of the resource considered that this page is a fake and has nothing to do with the star. Sharon herself, through the media, asked to restore her account: “It's me! Do not kick me out of the community. ”

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He continues to act in films and leads instagram

Today, Sharon Stone continues to act in films. The actress leads Instagram, which is subscribed to about 2 million people.

She calls her beauty a gift that it was a sin not to use.

“People are incredibly evil. They think that if you are beautiful, you must be stupid and superficial. If you are beautiful, they will make you feel small and worthless. Everyone has his own gift. And if beauty is one of them, we must accept it and enjoy it as a gift of nature. If someone is beautiful, for God's sake, let him be like that, ”she said.

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