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Chance of an inheritance: how a Russian socialite lives after the birth of her daughter from her dead husband



Portalist Evgenia Gorskaya talks about how the life of the scandalous blogger has changed with the advent of Evgenia Igorevna Malashenko. The girl was conceived in vitro a few months after the suicide of her father and was born a surrogate mother.

When in the spring of 2019, the blogger and socialite Bozhena Rynska announced her desire to become a mother, many perceived this as nonsense of a distraught and angry woman.

Her husband Igor Malashenko on February 25, 2019 brought the scores to life in the Spanish Sotogrande, Bozena Lvovna herself was not pregnant at that time. Where does the child come from?

Nevertheless, a miracle happened - thanks to money and modern technology, a whole year after the death of one of the founders of NTV, his youngest daughter, raised in the womb of a surrogate mother, Yevgenia Igorevna Malashenko, was born.

A woman from Karelia managed to safely endure this child. Before her, the embryos of the Malashenko spouses (including during the life of Igor Evgenievich) were planted for various surrogates, but everything ended unsuccessfully. Only this time the widow was lucky - the embryo took root and began to develop.

The surrogate childbirth began on the evening of March 4. Bozena Lvovna at that moment was at home in Moscow, but then she bought tickets to Petrozavodsk for herself and her aunt and flew to the child. Very soon, the precious child was already sniffling in her arms.

Precious in the truest sense of the word: because, in addition to the joy of motherhood, Zhenechka will give the widow a real chance to receive the nth part of the inheritance of the person who is at the origins of modern Russian television. An inheritance estimated at $ 16 million.

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Maternal love woke up

The fact that the widow, in addition to the cat Buzyaki and Corgi Lusik, now also has a baby, in the first three-plus weeks only relatives and some friends knew.

However, subscribers in social networks also guessed everything, because by the time a happy event should have happened, and Bozena Lvovna’s request to bring her a suspension of colic from England would have seemed strange if she hadn’t had a child.

The secret was revealed to the world on March 29. The widow herself said that her daughter had already been born, she looked like her father and had already acquired affectionate household nicknames: Genghisheim, Nosatik and Akulenok.

On Instagram, there were photos of the baby taken in the hospital, and even stories about feelings.


Recall that earlier Rynska did not differ in special sentimentality. She began to talk about the great love for her husband Igor Malashenko only after his death.

She awarded three of his eldest offspring with a multitude of unflattering epithets and insisted that they needed only money from her father. Absolutely foreign children were for her “maggots”, “bastards” and “wild animals”.

It’s scary to imagine what would happen if the newborn were a noisy “pear from compote”. But Zhenya, by the will of fate, turned out exactly the way she wanted the future mother.

Suppose she does not play the violin yet and does not know the rules of preference, but her look is already clever - Malashenkovsky. This means that when she grows up she will walk exclusively in measured steps and in slippers, and she will never cry on the plane, like those "small creatures" who disturbed the spiritual balance of Bozena during her childless years.

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“Daughter is a rightful heir”

In an interview that the widow Malashenko gave her friend Svetlana Bondarchuk, she talks a lot about her plans to compete for the legacy of Igor Evgenievich, due to the baby.

According to the will, the media magnate wrote all the property to his ex-wife Elena Ivanovna and three children, while he left his second wife nothing but frozen embryos.

By the way, the millionaire said that if he and Bozena manage to have a joint child, he will not see money.

Knowing all this, few people understand how a girl born a year after the death of her biological father can claim some share in the inheritance.

But Bozena Lvovna, who studied the question for a long time and carefully, is sure that this is possible. She again expressed this confidence, answering the provocative question of the Instagram follower.

It looks weird. The mother is asked about the love of the child, and instead of being indignant, she says: “Daughter is the main thing for me”, she is indignant precisely because someone does not believe in the right of Yevgeny Igorevna to the money of the deceased parent.


According to rumors, with the help of little Zhenya, her mother expects to sue a tenth of the entire hereditary mass, that is, 1,6 million dollars, from the Malashenko family.

And work in this direction, apparently, is already underway. As mentioned in the same comments, Bozhena Lvovna regularly photographs her daughter (perhaps trying to catch the moments when the baby looks as much as possible like her father) and sends it to an American lawyer.

“The lawyer is asking. She wants to wake up with Igorevna and fall asleep with her photo, ”she said.

It got to the point that it was her lawyer who decided to entrust the honor of becoming godmother to Evgenia Igorevna. They didn’t call anyone in the godfather either, but Valentin Yumashev - the husband of the daughter of the first president of Russia Boris Yeltsin and the father-in-law of billionaire Oleg Deripaska.


And how do you feel about the appearance of a child in a 45-year-old widow? How ethical can be considered the birth of children from dead fathers, and even with the help of surrogate motherhood?

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