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The network touched a stray puppy bringing gifts to a woman


Source: The Dodo

A woman named Oravan Kayva-yat from Thailand shared a touching story about a puppy named Tua Plu, who brings her gifts in gratitude for feeding him, reports The Dodo.

Dog. Photo: Frame from video

Oravan Kaiva-yat helps many needy animals in his city. But Tua Plu struck her deeply.

Every day, an animal brings in its teeth various objects that it presents to a woman.

Oravan considers this dog a truly grateful creature.

“When he is hungry, he will offer anything to be fed,” Orawan said. - Every day he appears with an object in his mouth - usually leaves of trees and other plants, and sometimes a sheet of paper. There is a rule - before you feed other dogs, you must feed Tua Plu and his mother. "

We invite you to see the video with a grateful puppy:

Note that this video in less than a day gained more than three million views.

We hope that Tua Plu and his mother will soon find their owners.

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