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Network conquered fearless model, swimming with sharks. A PHOTO


Source: New York Post

A girl named Marian from Cologne (Germany) is not afraid to swim with sharks even after she has been bitten by a predatory fish, reports New York Post.

Bikini model blogging in Instagram and shares with followers photos from their travels.

Marian admitted that she loves to swim with sharks in the Bahamas.

The girl shared that a meeting with a shark on the island of Compass Kay does not come out of her head, but added to her adrenaline.

“I swam with sharks in Compass Cay. It was very funny until the shark got hungry and decided to bite me. The shock was indescribable. She just opened her mouth and grabbed my hand. People say you need to stay calm when the shark attacks you, but sometimes that is not possible, ”said Mariam.

Now the model is fine with the hand, but the scar still reminds of this extreme event.

“My hand is normal again. But I have a scar in the shape of shark teeth, which will now always remind me of this beautiful day in the Exuma, ”the girl once said.

Note that beauty has over 350 thousands of subscribers in Instagram and more xnumx thousand on Facebook.

She studied hotel business in one of the most prestigious schools in the world, but does not work by profession.

“I decided to leave my job in the corporate world to travel and share with you photos and videos from unique corners of the planet. I've always had an endless wanderlust and a soft spot for exotic beaches. I love to study foreign cultures, so I suggest subscribing to my microblog. I am sure that I can inspire people to travel, ”said Mariam.

Interestingly, the model also loves to swim with porpoises. But it is recognized that swimming with sharks is much more interesting.

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