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Sister Kim Kardashian Kylie Jenner showed her signature makeup in the 34 stage. VIDEO


Source: OK Magazine

Kylie Jenner has long been releasing her own cosmetics, Kylie Cosmetics, and sharing life hacking with subscribers on social networks. She recently spoke about her daily make-up ritual in an 10-minute video for Vogue.

Kylie says that starting the makeup with a base and tone is not worth it, because then the means for eyebrows and eyelids can crumble on the face, and it will be more difficult to correct the whole thing. Only by giving shape and color to the eyebrows, she proceeds to tone, and first - the tone of the eyelids and the areas around the eyes, writes OK Magazine.

After that, Kylie puts on the eyelids the shadows from her Kyshadow Palette collection darker - on the fold of the century, lighter - under the eyebrow, brilliant gold - on the mobile eyelid, and on the inner corners - peach shade.

It is time base. Kylie uses the cream Marc Jacobs as the main tonal tool. Applies it to the whole face and around the neck. Then she mixes concealers, selecting the perfect color, powdered with Kim Kardashian's collection, once again with Chanel powder with sun protection, then highlights the cheekbones with a bronzer and a highlighter. Blush inflicts on the apples of the cheeks and a little on the chin.

Kylie makes lip makeup with his eyes closed: he leads around the contour and "stretches" the color over the entire surface. Apply lipstick and shine on top. Black ink dyes the upper eyelashes, and the lower brush touches quite a bit. Spray to fix the makeup, she finalizes all her actions: this will help make-up not to blur for a long time.

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