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Sister and brother with scandal married, violating US laws, and divorced through 4,


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An American from the state of Florida married her own brother, whom she met as an adult.

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51-year-old Debbie Zutant has been growing up in a foster family since she was three report with reference to The Sun. When the woman turned 35, she hired a detective to find out who her real parents are. He managed to calculate them. When meeting Zutant, her father admitted that she had a half-brother 23-year-old Joe. The woman contacted him and made an appointment.

The woman admitted that she had fallen in love with her brother at first sight, and he reciprocated her. Already after the second date, they spent the night together, and two weeks after they met, they came together. A couple of ten years hid relationships, fearing the condemnation of others.

On the subject: Florida resident married brother, met him in 35 years

Sutant believes that the suddenly broken relationship is due to the phenomenon of genetic sexual attraction. A number of researchers believe that when meeting unfamiliar previously close relatives as an adult, a strong desire may arise between them.

In 2015, the couple entered into a marriage, despite the fact that it is prohibited by state law. Since the newlyweds had different surnames, the registrars did not notice their relationship.

In 2019, Zutant and Joe broke up.

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