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Eat raw or undercook: 5 products that can not be cooked if you want to lose weight


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In pursuit of the ideal figure, one should not forget about the glycemic index of food, which tends to increase during their heat treatment.

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The glycemic index (GI) is a numerical value that describes how quickly a certain product increases the level of sugar in the blood, writes GoRabbit. The faster the product breaks down, the higher its glycemic index. The maximum value was taken as glucose, whose glycemic index is 100. All other indicators are compared with GI glucose.

Foods with high GI can cause a subsequent rapid decrease in blood sugar, especially if they were not taken in combination with products with a low GI value, such as proteins, which in turn will cause an acute feeling of hunger and further overeating.

The stronger the product is processed, the faster it gives up glucose and the higher its glycemic index, which is why you should be wary of many, at first glance, safe products.

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1. Pasta

Spaghetti (even white flour) cooked al dente and used chilled in a salad will have a glycemic index of 35, while the digested hot pasta is all 60. You also need to know that pasta without vegetables is worse than the same pasta, but with vegetables. Products with high and medium GI are recommended to be used together with products with low GI.

2. Beet

Heat treatment, such as boiling vegetables, raises the glycemic index of beets from 50 to 65 units. Thus, from a product related to a low level of GI, it goes to the average, and then it is worth considering the frequency of its use. But the beet leaves of a young GI plant contain only 15, and there are no less vitamins in the leaves than in the tubers of the plant.

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3. Carrot

The same situation is with carrots. Heating in an aqueous environment increases the glycemic index of the product. Carrots in raw form have XI 20, and after boiling it, it rises to 50 due to the gelatinization of the starch contained in it.

4. Oatmeal

Oatmeal is a moderate GI food of 42 units. But this primarily applies to unprocessed or minimally processed grains, while processed oat flakes (for example, instant cooking) have a higher GI, which reaches 60. Thus, only regular oat flakes added raw in yogurt or brewed with boiling water.

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5. Corn

It looks like a dietary and healthy product, meanwhile, the GI of corn is quite high and amounts to 70 units. During heat treatment, the GI of maize becomes even higher, so those who are struggling with excess weight should be very careful about the use of this product.

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