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'Heart is breaking': Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus show what is left of their home in Malibu


Source: RBC-Ukraine

The large-scale fire element in Malibu did not spare anyone. The disaster has already been recognized as the most devastating in the history of America. In the fire zone were also home to world celebrities. Liam Hemsworth showed what was left of their home with Miley Cyrus.


Pictures of a famous actor posted on Instagram, writes RBC-Ukraine.

Liam wrote, “My heart is breaking with this. This is what is left of my house. Many people from Malibu and other parts of California have lost their homes. My heart is with every victim of the fire. Yesterday I spent all day in Malibu, and I was so pleased to see how people help each other in every way they can. Malibu is a strong community and will become even stronger after what happened. Thanks to the guys who helped reduce the spread of the flames in my area. ”

This is how the house looked like before the fire:

Earlier ForumDaily wrote how a famous Ukrainian violinist and her mother escaped from a fire in California - you will find a video of how a woman with a child in a car tries to get out of a fire trap at this link.

Because of the fires in California suffered or were completely destroyed the house of well-known representatives of show business. This was recently told the popular film actor Gerard Butler, the famous singer Cher, star of the reality show Kim Kardashian and other celebrities. Earlier, Butler published snapshots of what his luxurious house had become after the fire attack.


In connection with the fires in California, US President Donald Trump has declared a natural disaster regime. In particular, he noted that he had made such a decision in order to "alleviate some suffering." The US President also expressed condolences to the families of those killed in the fires.

As of today, Californian fires have already killed 59 people, several hundred are missing.

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