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September: My American Weekdays


Right now I'm reading Van Gogh's Letters to Brother Theo. I didn't expect this talented artist to turn out to be a good writer as well. It turns out that he wanted to become a priest, and the drawings began only as sketches of the events taking place in his life.


This month's film for me personally is "It"! I love Stephen King, horror films, and horror films based on his books))). There was even one moment when I yelled at the whole audience in surprise.

The series that was a discovery for me this month is "The River" / The river. I recommend to all lovers of mysticism and horror. There are only 8 episodes, and a very interesting ending!

This month I am working on introducing several habits at once:

  • jogging in the morning, 3-4 times a week, for 15-20 minutes, this is about 1.5-2.5 km. My goal: to run 5 km every day. And right there, taking a morning shower, I make it contrast - if you do not have enough energy, I recommend it!
  • plank - I also do it in the morning, 1 minute in a standard pose, and 2 more in various versions;
  • morning pages: I have heard about the book "Magic of the morning" for a long time, but so far my hands have not reached it. This will probably be my recommendation for October, but for now I just write 2 pages right after waking up. If there is someone who read it, please explain the trick to me)));
  • the purchase of the month was red shoes - I began to closely follow the trends, now I want to be fashionable. Plus red is my favorite color!

Reaching the month - minus 3 kg on the scales. And a lot of compliments))).

And the problem of the month was insomnia (((. I save myself from sleeping pills periodically, but maybe you can recommend something for a good sleep?

(Do not offer yoga and meditation, they only annoy me).

The best post of the month, according to statistics: about me and the expectation of a bride visa.

How was your September (almost)? What can you recommend? And what achievement would you like to brag about?

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