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The California family returned to the burnt house and found their beloved dog. VIDEO


Source: SF Gate

You will need handkerchiefs to read to the end. Parents Bekidzhine Wyden, who told this story, slept in his house in Santa Rosa, when a terrible fire began to approach the mansion. The family had only a few seconds to leave the affected area, but their favorite dog, Izzy, got lost, writes SF Gate.


The family had no chance to stay alive if they rushed to look for the dog, so a difficult and quick decision was made to leave as soon as possible. Everyone knew that the house was completely destroyed, but it was the loss of a pet that upset family members the most. Hoping for a miracle, Brother Wyden and her husband walked three miles to the remains of the house to see if anything had survived.

And that "something" was ... Izzy.

Izzy's amazing appearance was filmed on a video that Bekigen had posted in her Facebook. The video gathered over 54 thousands of likes and almost 24 thousands of people shared it. The dog appears by chance in the last frames of the video. It is well heard, as the man hardly constrains tears, having seen the darling, and it is visible, that the animal has not suffered.

The dog had no burnt hair or burnt paw pads. The men immediately took the dog to the veterinarian and was thoroughly examined: “She was dehydrated and very tired, but otherwise everything was fine. You can't believe it! ”Says Wyden.

Izzy and her owners are safe now. The owner of the dog calls the incident a real miracle. “We have no idea where she was hiding. But wherever she is, she has a guardian angel, ”says Beckijen.

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