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The family pet tore the baby while the mother called 911: the vet shows you how to protect yourself from dogs


Source: Mirror

The operator 911 insisted that a desperate mother cut the throat of a domestic pit bull, which during a conversation with a rescue service woman tormented her little daughter. The knife turned out to be stupid ... It was not possible to save the girl.

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In a hard-to-read audio recording, you can hear the 911 rescue manager tell the shocked Miranda Harrell to run into the house as soon as possible and find any weapon, such as a steak knife, to cut the throat of a dog that attacked the one-year-old Trinity. Mirror.

The mother replies that she cannot leave the child, who is being shaken by the dog, alone in the yard, the operator says: "It will take you 30 seconds to run into the house and grab the knife." Miranda succeeds. The dispatcher advises to take the dog by the ear and slash it along its throat with a knife - the animal will release the child, since its jaw muscles will relax.

In hysterics, the mother screams: “This knife is too dumb! Please send someone right now! ”

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In response, the operator says that the team has already left (everything happened in Rocky Mount, North Carolina) and will arrive as soon as possible.

Pitbull released the child only after the police arrived on the scene and the deputy sheriff shot the dog out of the service weapon. Little Trinity was immediately taken to hospital, but the wounds were too heavy. The girl died a few days after the attack.

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It is known that the child was playing with his mother in the yard when a six-year-old home pit bull suddenly grabbed her and began to drag her around. Unable to cope with the dog, the mother called 911. At first, the operator advised to take “anything in the house - a frying pan, a saucepan, a shovel” to hit the dog, advising to strike clearly in the center of the head to “knock out” the animal.

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The woman did it, but nothing worked, and she kept screaming for help. Even when she took the knife and tried to cut the animal, nothing helped. The operator said “do whatever” with the knife, emphasizing that the dog’s life is the least important now. Then the recording is terminated.

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After this incident, not the only one in the United States and outside the country, the American vet Brett Levitske told how to act in a situation where an aggressive dog attacks you or someone near you.

“If you grab an animal by its hind legs, it will lose its balance. His first reaction would be to release his grip and only then turn around, ”he told Inside Edition.

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There is no suggestion that it was this action that could save Trinity’s life. Other experts have previously stated that perforating the dog’s nose, trying to distract it with an accessory or clothing, and even falling on a dog with the entire weight of a person to break its bones can help in such situations.

Nevertheless, even the police detachment headed by the deputy sheriff did not help to distract the dog, except for a shot at close range.

Trinity was buried this week. She left mother, father and brother.

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