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Married couple accused of raping teenagers


Source: nypost

A Michigan couple was surprised by the accusations after having arranged sex parties for teens, on which they used alcohol and drugs.

Photo: Eaton County Sheriff's Office

John Brown, 41 year, and Ashley Brown, 30 years, are accused of having contributed to the violation of the law by minors, and third-degree sexual harassment. Authorities said the couple invites teens to their home in Brookfield, where John Brown has sex with them. Ashley Brown was accused of sex crimes for helping and assisting her husband.

“All the guests of the party took part in smoking marijuana and drinking alcohol,” one of the injured girls told investigators. Another girl told police that in 2015, when she was 15, Ashley Brown met her on the street in Jackson. The woman took the girl to the couple's home in Brookfield Township, south of Charlotte, according to the court transcript. After the girl drank and smoked marijuana, police said it sparked a sexual interest in John Brown. His wife then gave him a condom and whispered that the teenager wanted to have sex with him. After that, John Brown took the girl upstairs and sexually assaulted her. Police said John Brown confessed to having sex with the victim three times.

Another teenage girl also told the police that she had a sexual encounter with John Brown on 2015 on the couch at his home. Both victims stated that they and other minors “often visit” the Browns house in Eton County.

John Brown remains in custody, and his wife was released on bail of $ 10 thousand. If the Browns are convicted, they face up to 15 years in prison. Ashley Brown is accused of sex offenses because she allegedly helped and instigated John Brown. Lawyers did not comment on the charges and arguments of the defense.

Ashley Brown was released on bail with a GPS bracelet after the bail amount was lowered from $ 250 thousand to $ 10 thousand.

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