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Seven unexpected ways to 'lose weight' with clothes


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Of course, to lose weight - you need to eat less. Thanks, we can disperse. But regardless of weight, we often unknowingly “stick” a couple of kilograms to ourselves: we choose the wrong dresses and bags, and sometimes the most intimate part of the wardrobe brings us down.

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But everyone knows that you can not wear a horizontal strip, and are afraid of it, like fire. But about the mini-shoulder bag and dress with zapаHom few people in the know. Stylist Anna Ladan told Rambler About several ways to look a little slimmer or vice versa with the help of wardrobe items.

Proper underwear is the first thing to start.

Linen should be in size and quality. It is designed to simulate the shape of the chest, thighs and abdomen. Do not get involved in corrective underwear, it is unhealthy.

“Underwear for socks under clothes is better to choose a seamless, smooth (without lace and decor), so that the outlines are not readable. As a rule, it is expensive. It is important to professionally pick up the form and fit (do not hesitate to contact the seller for advice). The straps should be wide enough to give good support, unload the back and not dig into the body. The colors beige and matt black are the most versatile, ”says Anna Ladan.

When choosing clothes, pay attention to the fabric, it should be relatively thin and well draped.

This fabric will emphasize the smooth lines of the body, and where necessary, it will hide volumes with drapery. Hard and thick fabrics add volume. It is necessary to avoid tweed, boucle, thick denim, large corduroy, jacquard.

Avoid small bags on the thin and long strap

A small bag on lush hips will seem smaller, and hips, on the contrary, will look visually larger.

“Need a bag of medium size or large. Simple and concise. It is important to carry the bag in your hand, not on your shoulder (this will add volume to your hips or chest). It is necessary to avoid rigid rectangular and square shapes, loose shapeless bag is also not the best friend. Ideally, the bag should keep its shape and it should contain rounded and straight lines. Let the corners be smoothed, ”the stylist said.

Look for the vertical - it visually stretches the figure and slims

The vertical is not only a strip, but also rows of buttons, open sides of a jacket, arrows on trousers and a set of long chains, says Anna Ladan.

Pay attention to the dress with the smell

To him you can pick up tight tights and shoes to match. The belt should be tied on the thinnest part of the figure (under the breast).

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