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Secrets of cooking the perfect Thanksgiving turkey


Source: Mashable

The closer the holiday, the more worried the hostess is - how to cook the most juicy, beautiful and, of course, tasty turkey, because this is the main dish of the family dinner at Thanksgiving Day. Mashable gives professional advice and shares the secrets of the perfect turkey. So, how to do it right and avoid common mistakes?


Cooking a turkey is not that difficult.
Many even experienced housewives succumb to baking such a heavy and big bird on their own, fearing that they will not be able to cook it properly. In fact, if you follow a few rules, everything will work out - and it will not be difficult. Lay the turkey deep in breast up. Lightly oil with olive oil. Turn on the oven at 325 degrees Fahrenheit (160-170 Celsius). Bake until golden brown, then cover the form and turkey with a foil sheet and bake until ready (it is best to check the readiness of each part with a meat thermometer).

Thaw a bird for several days
If you choose a frozen turkey, make sure that you take into account the time factor that will be needed to completely defrost the bird. In some cases (especially if you are buying a turkey for a large family) this means that defrosting will take several days (yes, it is a plural). More precisely, you need one day for every 4 pounds (1,8 kg) of turkey. And it is better not to do this in the microwave or on the table.

Turkey is not necessary to pickle
Of course, you can do it if you want. But now you can easily buy already marinated turkey, which is quite easy to bake. You can only add a little salt to taste, both outside and inside the bird.

Want a beautiful crust? No oil!
If you want to get a baked bird with a crust of a uniform golden hue, do not grease it with butter. The oil can be used to give juiciness to the meat, in which case the bird smears under the skin. In other cases, the solid elements of milk in the oil will burn, and the bird will turn out spotty.

Do not grease the turkey during baking.
Well, or at least do not do this every 10 minutes. You can grease it before baking, especially if it is part of a family tradition. But opening and closing the oven during baking reduces the temperature and slows the cooking process. Of course, a couple of times you can moisten it with flowing juice, but do not overdo it.

Give the finished turkey a rest.
Of course, everyone is already waiting at the table, and everyone wants to quickly grab the tidbit of an appetizing bird. But do not hurry. Let the dish rest for 20 minutes so that all parts of the turkey are fed with juices. Take a sharp (preferably not toothed) knife, cut the bird and distribute to guests and family members. Enjoy your meal!

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