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Beauty Secrets of Japanese Women


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The secret of Japanese beauty is green tea. Photo: depositphotos

The average age of life expectancy in Japan is 87 years, and according to statistics, Japan is in the first positions in longevity. Women in Japan, even in 45 -50 years, look young and beautiful without plastic surgery. They do not gain excess weight, they have shiny hair and delicate skin. Also, these women are very careful about their inner world: great mood, favorite hobby, friendliness, sincere expression of love, as well as deliverance from all unnecessary, including trash. They are excellent diplomats with the art of eloquence. Japanese women in everyday life are affable and humble. Possess etiquette skills, it is pleasant and easy to communicate with them. Since childhood, purely female character traits are brought up in them. What is the secret of their beauty and tranquility?

The first secret - the diet
In the diet of Japanese women there is practically no harmful and high-calorie foods. They use fish, seaweed, soy, rice, fruits and vegetables to make everyday meals. Be sure to a large number of broccoli, kale cabbage, cauliflower and Brussels sprouts. From drinks prefer green tea. A typical lunch in Japan: fried fish, a bowl of rice, boiled vegetables, miso soup, and green tea in large quantities. As a dessert - fruit.
Daily fish consumption saturates the body with omega-3 fatty acids that are beneficial to the health and youth of the skin.
The way of cooking is also different. The Japanese cook on a grill, steamed, in a saucepan, or quickly fried in a special skillet. Vegetable oils and light vegetable broths are used for cooking. Such processing of food makes the dishes easily digestible. After eating - no heaviness in the stomach and discomfort.

The second secret is only fresh produce.
Quite often, in Japanese stores, food products put a date of availability not in days, but in hours, since Japanese culture involves the consumption of food in small portions. Eating in Japan is a kind of ritual during which it is necessary to chew each piece thoroughly. All plates are small, as the food should not be mixed and all dishes are laid out separately. Food should be fresh, only cooked, a minimum of decorations. Instead of bread, the Japanese eat rice, which is served with every meal. And rice is cooked by special technology. This, by the way, is an advantage that allows you not to gain weight.
Breakfast in Japan is a sacred meal, and the Japanese never miss it. It is during breakfast that the Japanese eat the most. Approximate breakfast: egg omelet, a piece of fish, rice, miso soup, tofu with green onions, seaweed and certainly green tea.
Sweets and desserts in Japan are served rarely and in very small portions.

The third secret is physical activity.
Very many in Japan do not use urban transport and private cars. The Japanese move around the city exclusively on bicycles. In addition, the Japanese do daily gymnastics for muscles.

The secret of the beauty of Japanese women is proper nutrition. Photo: depositphotos

The fourth secret is cleanliness.
In every house, even the smallest, there is a special place in front of the door, where they take off their street shoes and put on slippers. “Entering a house without a shoe” is a euphemism for indecent impoliteness. In front of the toilet there are special slippers with the words “Toilet”.
The Japanese are simply unable to comprehend how Europeans manage to relax in a bath of dirty and soapy water. They themselves will first soap themselves, wash away the dirty foam with a stream from the shower, and only then plunge into the burning hot bath, where they will be “soaked” to full satisfaction.
The love of purity is a vital necessity. Most of the country is in the thirties and forties latitudes - that is, in the climatic zone of California or Crete. So in the summer in Japan is very hot and humid.
Clean and disinfected should be not only things. The human body, too, should literally squeak from purity, and even the slightest hint of physiological secretions of the organism is not permissible.

Secret Five - No Sun
In an effort to preserve the tenderness and whiteness of their skin, Japanese women do not go outside without the use of special creams. In addition, wide-brimmed hats and umbrellas are part of the arsenal of their UV protection.

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