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Secrets of a comfortable flight from the stewardess of the best airline in the world


Source: Delfi tourist

The flight attendant of Emirates, recognized as one of the best in the world, has revealed the secrets of how to make traveling by plane more comfortable, writes Delfi tourist.

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Lauren Gilfoyl advises passengers to take care of their own leisure time during the flight in advance - download movies, music and books to portable devices. In addition, you should take an extra charger with you to avoid running out of battery and “wandering around the airport looking for a power outlet.”

According to the stewardess, before long-distance flights it is worthwhile to conduct an active training, or at least do a few push-ups, since a long stay on board can cause fatigue, dizziness and circulatory problems. At the same time, the most useful way to spend time in flight is sleep, emphasizes Gilfoyl.

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Finally, the interlocutor recommends the publication, it is better for tourists to choose comfortable clothes for the flight.

“I recommend wearing comfortable shoes to quickly walk around the airport (...), wear several layers of clothing to adapt to any temperature, and make sure that your outfit is something you can relax in,” the stewardess explained.


In her opinion, time is a major stress factor for travelers. In this regard, says Gilfoyl, it is extremely important to complete all the tasks associated with the trip in advance, whether it is packing luggage or ordering a taxi. To reduce stress to a minimum, it is advisable to spend leisure time with loved ones during the trip, as well as take time for yourself.

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