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Make and regret: three stories about how the move poisoned life



Anyone who has changed his place of residence at least once knows what difficulties are associated with the move. Periodically, many people have a desire to drop everything and rush off, wherever they look, but is it worth it? As the French poet Edmond Arokur said, “To leave is to die a little”. There is something in this quotation, because leaving home, we leave a bit of ourselves in them.

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A lot of those who recall with horror the period spent in foreign lands. Much, of course, depends on the character - someone takes root everywhere, drastic changes are made to someone hard. And that's not bad. We will not discuss emigration, because within the country people move more often. Consider the main reasons for the change of the city in three stories of our readers, whom the move has poisoned the existence, suggests

Big and pure love

Quite a frequent reason for the move. It seems that the power of unearthly feelings will level out all possible hardship and deprivation. Of course, it means a lot, where and in what conditions you need to go. Inna 25-year-old felt almost the wife of a Decembrist when she jumped on a train and left sunny Krasnodar in a village forgotten by God.

“My hometown is a real blooming paradise. But then he appeared on the horizon - Oleg. With loving eyes with pink glasses, I saw our joint future, the enthusiasm did not disappear even after the news that I would have to live with my mother-in-law, from whom my husband did not want to leave. I will not describe all the "delights" of living with this wonderful woman, many will understand without words. I will only say - do not repeat my sad experience. As they say - if you want to get a divorce, live with your relatives.

I found a job, tried to stay at home less. My daughter was born, but my urgent requests to rent a separate house remained empty - despite a decent income, the faithful categorically did not want to “leave” my mother, who systematically shook my nerves. I ate her dumplings and thought about high matters. I had nowhere to go, and there was nothing to do with it; in total, my angelic patience was enough for three years of decree. Three long years I spent on my mama's boy, from whom I ran away without looking back. ”

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Study, study and study again

Those who live in big cities do not really need to move to get an education. A large number of universities - choose what the soul is for. But in a village or a small village there is no place to wander, and I don’t feel like going to cashiers or manicure masters. 18-year-old Marina was ambitious, and she decided to conquer the metropolis. I went there, in spite of parental cries a la “To whom will you leave us!”. It turned out that it is good where we are not.

“Initially I perceived the move as a fascinating adventure, I was sure that there would be solid joys and great prospects ahead. Having argued with the guy, I decided to go to conquer the capital. But it turned out that no one was waiting for me there. Things were going well at the university, I made friends with fellow students, but I only dreamed all five years when I returned home, which I did immediately after receiving my diploma.

Not everyone is suited by the frantic pace of life in a huge city, the absence of relatives near and the need to rely only on themselves. I often want to see loved ones, not every six months, not to spend two hours daily on the subway. Moscow is not for everyone, you can laugh as you please, but your own small home is dearer to me. ”

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Profitable work

For many, high-paying work is a rosy dream, but often for the sake of it you have to make sacrifices. A “warm” place does not always live up to expectations, but we are not looking for easy ways. So thought 35-year-old Tanya, who, reluctantly, packed her bags and went with her husband to a distant working village.

“Like a bolt from the blue, the news of Andrei’s transfer to another city sounded. It was sad to part with Petersburg, but so be it. Fortunately, we lived separately, but my husband was lost at work, but for a long time I could not find anything decent enough. Dull landscapes, swamps and gray faces of people - I remember this new town. Over time, good acquaintances appeared, but friends stayed at home.

The feeling of “not at ease” did not disappear anywhere, although I tried to come to terms with the hard female share. For two years I tried to get used to the complexities of life and fiercely fought the desire to return back. Fortunately, such an opportunity presented itself, and you had to see how I ran to the station. I'm incredibly glad that I managed to avoid a divorce, I don't know how long it would have lasted for me, after all, the hinterland is not for me. "

Do not blame universal injustice / parents / untimely landing on the pot for your troubles. In the new city you will encounter a lot of difficulties - you need to rent a house, look for a job, establish a new social circle. Think well and if you really are not afraid - go on a journey to a better life.

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