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Made in the USA: Facial Cosmetics


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How to choose suitable cosmetics for face care? This issue worries almost every woman. The cosmetic market is so unlimited that you cannot do without prompts. Of course, the best products are those that suit your skin. Perhaps in this collection of American brands you can find something of your own.

De la mer

In 1950, an astrophysicist conducting research in the field of astronautics, Max Huber, received severe burns from an explosion of rocket fuel. After the accident, he left deep burn scars on his face and body. As a scientist and naturalist in the field of biology, Max Huber could not accept this, and began independent research to create a remedy that could heal the affected skin. In the process, Max discovered the amazing nutritional benefits of natural seaweed. Crème de la mer suitable for even the most sensitive skin. After years of 12 and 6000 experiments, Max perfected the cream, which significantly leveled the surface of his skin. So in 1965, the brand appeared Crème de la mer.

When the company Estee Lauder acquired the company from the daughter of Max, it was decided to keep the amazing development and research of Max Huber.

The main ingredient of all products from de la mer - fermented kelp (seaweed).

Most popular tools:
Cream Sea - the unique restoring and toning cream suitable for all skin types. Softens dry skin, soothes irritated and sensitive, refreshes, "removes" small wrinkles.
Intensive concentrate (La Mer The Concentrate) is used to restore the skin after laser polishing, to heal burns, scars, scars.
Anti-aging serum The lifting face serum enriched with plant extracts, enzymes, proteins. It has a powerful lifting effect. Most effective in the "bundle" with The Lifting Intensifier - serum for intensive lifting.


World famous cosmetic brand Clinical was created in 1968 by dermatologist Norman Orentrek and editor of Vog magazine Carol Phillips. The main idea of ​​the product - you can create a beautiful skin. And that is why each of the products of care and makeup created by Clinical, tested for allergies and 100% does not contain perfume.

The headquarters is in New York. Now Clinique is a subsidiary of the cosmetic giant. Estée lauder. Clinique - It is the leading cosmetic brand in the USA, which is represented in 130 countries around the world.

The most popular facial care lines from Clinique:
Repairwear - anti-aging line, effectively fighting the first signs of aging;
Anti-bleshish solutions (facial wash, peeling lotion, moisturizing and special foundation creams) - a line of products aimed at combating pimples and acne, suitable for young and mature skin;
Redness solutions - remedies for skin prone to redness, include a delicate moisturizer, cleanser, special powder and concealer that neutralizes redness;
3-Step Skin Care - cleansing, exfoliating and moisturizing products for all skin types;
Clinique Medical - means intended for pre- and postoperative face care, for example, after laser polishing.
All products Clinical hypoallergenic and does not contain cosmetic fragrances.


Bliss - Cosmetic brand of a new generation, which appeared on the American market in 1996. The company is based in New York. Positioning itself as a democratic brand, so the funds from Bliss will cost relatively inexpensive. Company Bliss works under the motto: "To feel good, you need to look good." All brand products Bliss - products of the highest quality, made with the latest scientific advances.

Distinctive feature of products Bliss - simple, but stylish and recognizable packaging design. As employees of the company note, the main thing is not the wrapper, but the content, on which they emphasize.
Although Bliss - is still quite “young” brand in the cosmetic market, it has many fans, including such Hollywood stars as Leonardo DiCaprio, Uma Thurman and Liv Tyler.

In recent years, brand products Bliss actively used in specialized beauty salons. The brand represents body care products, sunscreens and sprays, cleansing products, delicate skin care products around the eyes, hair care products. Top five most popular products produced by the company Bliss, make up: gel for washing Fabulous, body cream Lemon and Sage, anti-cellulite cream Fatgirlslim, a depilation kit at home Poeticwaxingkit.

Beauty style

Beauty style - Another “fresh” American brand created in 2000. It specializes in professional cosmetics for salons and on express care products for modern women who, due to their permanent employment, cannot spend long hours on cosmetic procedures.

Most popular rulers Beautystyle: Anti-aging serums with collagen, hyaluronic acid and cucumber extract, suitable for mature and dry skin, provide instant hydration, nourish, tighten.
Express masks for home use include hydrogel masks with collagen, silk thread masks enriched with plant extracts and chitosan and masks with black caviar extracts, ceramites and stem cells. Provide instant hydration, prevent redness and peeling, have a powerful lifting effect.
Single-phase and two-phase alginate masks, saturated with plant extracts and alginic acid salts, which are a powerful antioxidant and effectively fight age-related changes. Single-phase masks are used as normal express masks, whereas two-phase masks are pre-diluted with an activator gel saturated with collagen and hyaluronic acid. Alginate masks are used both at home and in salons.

All products contain only natural plant components, the raw materials undergo a thorough processing and several stages of purification. Cosmetics are hypoallergenic. The only drawback is the cost, because most often the products from Beauty Style are used in spa salons.


Brand name Pevonia botanica was founded in 1991 by the spouses Philip and Sylvia Hennessy. The company, which is based in Florida, produces more 300 facial care products. This is a natural luxury cosmetics for wealthy people. The development and production of the cosmetic line is carried out by biochemists and laboratory pharmacists. PEVONIA in Switzerland.

The most popular lines for face care:
Radiance - means to combat pigment spots, enriched with glycolic, azelaic and glyaronic acids, vitamin C, mulberry extract. The line includes brightening gels and moisturizing emulsions.
Rose - means to combat vascular "stars" on the face. Also suitable for very sensitive and damaged skin. The line includes mild cleansers and lotions, and emollient revitalizing serums that can be used as a base for makeup.
Clarifyl - cream, lotion, peeling, mask, foam and gel with strong antiseptic and antibacterial action, include extracts of calendula and aloe, as well as salicylic acid, zinc and triclosan. Suitable for young skin prone to rashes and acne, and for oily skin prone to contamination and excessive sebum production.
Myoxy - Caviar - anti-aging line containing products enriched with extracts of black caviar and saltwater pearls. Suitable for daily use, ideal in combination with professional cosmetic procedures.
Soin O2ptimal - means to restore the tone knives, saturated with vitamin C, hyaluronic acid and chitosan. Refresh and tighten, allow you to cope with the effects of excessive tanning and daily stress.
By production of cosmetics dyes, artificial fragrances, alcohol and parabens (preservatives) are not used. Motto Pevonia botanica - naturalness in everything.

Josie Maran Cosmetics

Famous American top model Josie Maran founded her brand Josie Maran Cosmetics in 2007 year.
“When I learned that organically pure argan oil can make my skin and hair beautiful, I realized that I had found liquid“ gold ”that would help me realize my dream,” Josie Maran.

Working as a model, Josie met the best makeup artists in the world, and each of them said that cosmetics without chemistry is impossible. But Josie believed that you could create cosmetics that were both effective and environmentally friendly. During a trip to France, Josie met a woman who told her about the amazing properties of argan oil, which later became the main ingredient Josie Maran Cosmetics. First, in the line of the brand were treatments for the face, body and hair, but over time, and decorative cosmetics. Toning cream with argan oil and colored lip gloss based on coconut water - bestsellers of the brand.

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