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'Counts every minute': an insider claims that Melania Trump is planning a divorce from her husband


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The Daily Mail tabloid launched a wave of rumors that Melania Trump is ready to divorce her husband. The publication recalled that the former assistant of Donald Trump Omaros Manigault-Newman in her book "The Insane" assumed that the first lady was waiting for the president to leave office in order to terminate the marriage. Now the statements of the ex-White House employee, made in 2018, again became a topic for discussion in the media, writes "".

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The media began to discuss the fate of the first lady of the United States Melania Trump after her husband lost the election to his rival Joe Biden. The British tabloid Daily Mail, followed by other media outlets, recalled the statement of the former assistant to the 45th US President Omarosa Manigault-Newman, who, after her dismissal from the administration, wrote the scandalous book "Insane: An Insider's Story about Trump's White House", published in August 2018 of the year. In it, she, in particular, argued that Melania Trump was looking forward to the end of her husband's presidential term in order to file for divorce.

“In my opinion, Melania counts every minute before he leaves the office and she can divorce him,” wrote Omarosa Manigault-Newman (quoted by Newsweek). According to her, while Donald Trump is in office, she cannot do it because she is afraid.

“If Melania tried to subject him to complete humiliation and abandon him while he was in the office, he would find a way to punish her,” wrote the author. The punishment, Manigault-Newman argued, could be the deprivation of Melania's US citizenship.

She also stated that she was sure: with her outfits, the first lady was taking revenge on her husband for insults. Manigault-Newman remembered Melania Trump's scandalous jacket with the inscription "I really don't care, what about you?", In which she went to the children of illegal migrants in 2018: according to the author of the book "Insane", the first lady was forced to go to camps on the border with Mexico to “clean up what her husband did,” and the message on the jacket was directed directly to Donald Trump.

“All in all, all of her stylistic rebellion served the same purpose. And not only to confuse and mislead - these strategies are all too familiar to her husband. I'm sure Melania uses style to punish her husband, ”wrote Manigault-Newman.

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In 2018, statements by Omarosa Manigault-Newman caused outrage in the White House: those concerning Melania Trump were denied by the representative of the first lady Stephanie Grisham.

“Mrs. Trump has rarely, if ever, interacted with Omarosa. It was disappointing to her to lash out and retaliate in such a selfish manner, especially after the president gave her so many opportunities, ”Stephanie Grisham told Newsweek.

Recall that Omarosa Manigault-Newman was the star of the reality show "The Apprentice", which Donald Trump hosted for 14 seasons. After actively supporting him during the 2016 election campaign, she was invited to the White House - in January 2017, the former TV star took the place of assistant to the president and director of communications in the Office of Public Affairs. In December 2017, she was fired due to disagreements with John Kelly, the chief of staff of the presidential administration.

Donald Trump himself, after the release of the book, called his former assistant crazy. In one of his tweets about the book, he wrote: "Crazy Omarosa has already signed a full non-disclosure agreement!"

The likelihood that Melania Trump, who has been married to Donald for 15 years, is ready to divorce him, is often exaggerated in the press and social networks, where from the very beginning of Trump's presidency they began to look for evidence that the president's wife is unhappy in marriage.

When, already in March 2017, two months after the inauguration, observers watched the first American couple get on a plane to fly to Mar-a-Lago in Florida, they noticed that Melania Trump did not let her husband take her hand. allowing you to grab only the fingertips.

“Melania does not hide from those around her how unhappy she is,” suggested a source from US Weekly.

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Such awkward gestures and the expression on Melania Trump's face during the inauguration of the president, which the public appreciated as gloomy, gave social media users a reason to launch the hashtag #FreeMelania (#FreeMelania). The fact that the first lady of the United States and the son of the couple, Barron, moved to the White House from New York only five months after Donald Trump settled there, added fuel to the fire.

The last time Twitter began to express speculations about an impending divorce was in August 2020 - then the hashtag #DivorceTrump began to gain popularity after the first lady once again did not give her husband's hand upon arrival at the United States Naval Aviation Base Andrews. This was captured in a video that social network users began to comment on with the words "She votes for Biden."

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