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'Merry Christmas' from Cambridge: Kate Middleton posts new family photo



On the eve of the holidays, the Dukes of Cambridge and their heirs shared a living and touching family portrait, which was appreciated by all fans of the royal family, writes

Photo Shoot: kensingtonroyal / Instagram

One of the nicest Christmas traditions that all Britons look forward to year after year is holiday cards that are posted on official social networks and sometimes even sent by mail.

This year, the eldest grandson of Elizabeth II and his large family were the first among the monarchical dynasties of Europe to open a marathon of photo sessions.

Prince William and his wife Kate Middleton were among the first to share a festive family postcard in honor of Christmas: a spontaneous and cute picture appeared on the official Cambridge Instagram page.

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A touching shot of the dukes instantly melted the hearts of fans - so sincerely and happily the family looks in the photo.

Photo Shoot: kensingtonroyal / Instagram

This time, the couple chose a special setting for a family photo: firewood on a plot in their personal residence in Norfolk.

In the photo, the Cambridge family appeared in simple images: jeans and trousers, as well as cozy sweaters paired with shirts. Fans appreciated the simplicity and openness of the royal family and their little heirs - Princes George, Louis and Princess Charlotte.

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