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Happy Melania and strict Donald: Trump leaves the White House without waiting for the inauguration



US incumbent leader Donald Trump left the White House without waiting for the inauguration of President-elect Joseph Biden, reports

Screenshot: USA TODAY / YouTube

Trump, along with his wife Melania, boarded a helicopter, which took them to the Andrews military base for their last speech, and then boarded the plane to fly to Florida.

Donald Trump's previously circulated schedule indicated that he and his wife were planning to travel to Palm Beach, Florida. There is the residence of Mar-a-Lago, where Trump regularly spent weekends and holidays.

Before that, the Republican held a farewell ceremony at the Andrews military base near Washington.

Donald Trump already acted with a farewell address to the Americans. He announced that he would pray for the success of the new administration.

This inauguration of the President of the United States will differ from others. The fact is that Washington has introduced unprecedented security measures. This is due to both the coronavirus pandemic and the riots that occurred at the very beginning of the year.

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Not only Biden, but also Vice President Kamala Harris will take the oath in Washington in the face of a pandemic and practically martial law. At the beginning of the inauguration, Lady Gaga will sing the US anthem, followed by Jennifer Lopez to the audience. The traditional parade will be replaced by a virtual event.

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