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'Happy that I turned 50': how Claudia Schiffer celebrated her birthday



German supermodel Claudia Schiffer showed how she celebrated her birthday. On August 25, the legend of the world fashion industry turned 50 (I can't even believe), writes

The model boasted of gifts. Photo: claudiaschiffer / Instagram

Claudia Schiffer, who recently celebrated her 50th birthday, posted a video on the social network that looks like she is 30 years old - no more. In this shoot, for which she dressed up in a new dress given to her on the occasion of the holiday, Claudia showed a huge birthday cake.

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In her commentary on the video, she thanked the many fans who congratulated her on her anniversary and for keeping her unfading beauty.

In a recent interview, Claudia stated that it is not some miracle potion that helps her look like this, but a happy family life. And also the fact that, paradoxically, she does not make incredible efforts to seem younger than her years.

“I am happy that I turned fifty. I fully accept my age and do not strive to look younger, ”says the model.

It is curious that, according to Schiffer herself, the main secret of her beauty is shining hair. However, the answer to the question of how she looks after them puzzled the interviewer. It turned out that Claudia, like a true German, does not neglect the national drink.

“Of course, this is not scientifically proven, but many people believe that drinking beer makes hair strong and shiny. Of course, balms and masks are helpful too. But a little beer inside doesn't hurt either, ”Schiffer said.

It remains to be seen how she manages to maintain such a slender figure when drinking this drink.

Photo: claudiaschiffer / Instagram

As for the main source of her wonderful appearance - a happy family, then in this regard, Claudia is fine. If her first high-profile romance - with the magician David Copperfield - ended in nothing, then the next love story - with director Matthew Vaughan - changed her life.

“Before meeting Matthew, I didn’t expect to ever find the perfect man. But then I met him. He possessed all the qualities that I only dreamed of finding in a man ... ”- admitted Claudia.

For Vaughn, whom Schiffer married in 2002, she left the podium and does not regret it at all, because she now has a wonderful family. Claudia and her husband are raising three children: Caspar, now 17, 15-year-old Clementine and 10-year-old Cosima. And the whole family lives in a beautiful old house in Suffolk County. This is a haunted house, according to Schiffer.

"But all our ghosts are exceptionally cute!" - said Claudia.

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