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'And death is just a break': satirist Mikhail Zhvanetsky died



The famous satirist died at the 87th year of his life, reports

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Mikhail Zhvanetsky passed away on November 6, 2020. The cause of death has not yet been reported.

First appearing on stage in the 1950s, he gave concerts until old age. In 2020, self-isolation measures announced in Russia turned out to be an obstacle between him and the audience. And few people knew that the days of the humorist's life were numbered.

Alla Pugacheva was one of the first to react to the sad news.

"That's all. You left us forever. An irreparable loss. My friend, you are unforgettable. You are always in my heart, ”she wrote on her Instagram.

Photo: alla_orfey / Instagram

Biography of Mikhail Zhvanetsky

Mikhail Mikhailovich (Manievich) Zhvanetsky was born in Odessa. The parents of the future pop star worked as doctors and had nothing to do with the stage. Zhvanetsky began to put his first creative experiments while still a student at the Odessa Institute of Marine Engineers (now Odessa National Maritime University. - Approx. Ed.). At the same time, the comedian created a student theater "Parnas-2" and directed it.

Nevertheless, after graduation, Zhvanetsky went to work at the local port. He received a small salary, wrote monologues, and met girls. It is not known how the biography of Mikhail Zhvanetsky would have developed if Arkady Raikin had not come to Odessa on tour.

Mikhail Zhvanetsky shows the artist his lyrics, and he finds them suitable. In 1964, the young writer received a job offer in the northern capital. The monologues of the beginning author are heard from the Leningrad stage, which brings young Zhvanetsky not only the first wave of fame, but also the first significant money.

According to the recollections of the satirist, working in the port, he earned 89 rubles, and the first text sold to Raikin brought him 500 rubles. Thus, a new chapter opens in the biography of Mikhail Zhvanetsky - writing. During this period, Mikhail Mikhailovich wrote not only for Raikin, but also sold his lyrics to other artists. According to rumors, there was a moment when a satirist sold the same number to several performers at once.

Allegedly, Arkady Isaakovich taught the text very slowly, and Zhvanetsky urgently needed to earn money. The satirist was fired, after which he returned to Odessa, where he created the Odessa Theater of Miniatures. There, the future star of the Soviet and Russian stage began to read his miniatures.

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The topicality of Zhvanetsky's texts is to the taste of the Odessa public, and very soon the artist receives a new wave of popularity. Tours of the theater began, and later Mikhail Mikhailovich moved to Moscow. In the 1980s, records were released with numbers of Zhvanetsky and his colleagues on the theater stage.

The comedian gets the all-Union fame and the nickname "on duty in the country." It becomes clear how subtly and clearly the artist feels the mood of his compatriots and the unrest in society.

In the future, the shabby briefcase in which the satirist began to wear his manuscripts will be added to the image of Zhvanetsky. He got the briefcase from his father, who went with him on calls when he worked as a doctor. Soon, this accessory turns out to be an integral part of the stage image of Mikhail Zhvanetsky.

All the most important events of the era are necessarily reflected in the texts of the satirist. Ahead of the artist, world tours and the status of a pop star await.

Many colleagues in show business have repeatedly noted that Zhvanetsky's path to the listener was not an easy one. However, fans will show much more interest not at all in the path of becoming an idol, but in his personal life.

Personal life

And the personal life of Mikhail Zhvanetsky is as bright as his work. The artist was officially married twice. The first choice of a young and unknown satirist was the girl Larissa, but this marriage cracked right after Zhvanetsky's career went up. According to some media reports, he did not carry his first earnings home, but skipped them in restaurants with friends and other women.

A new love will overtake Mikhail Zhvanetsky during the tour of the Raikin Theater in Siberia. In 1964, he begins an affair with a woman who will give birth to a girl from him, Olga. The artist does not immediately recognize the child, but after a while he will still start communicating with his daughter.

After that, in the life of Zhvanetsky there will be a place for more than one new passion. Returning to Odessa, in the 1970s, the satirist becomes a member of the local KVN team, where he meets costume designer Nadezhda. He writes down her jokes and shows her attention in every possible way. At some point, Nadezhda leaves for Moscow, but the lovers continue to correspond, and then they begin to live in two cities.

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This relationship will not end in an official marriage, but the woman will give birth to the satirist's daughter Elizabeth. According to rumors, the cause of the discord in the family was Nadezhda's jealousy. Allegedly, Zhvanetsky had a mistress.

Then Mikhail Zhvanetsky starts an affair with a woman named Regina. She gives birth to his son Andrei, but the matter will not come to marriage either. According to some media reports, the writer did not recognize the boy for a long time and did not maintain any relationship with him.

The next chosen one of the satirist was the teacher Venus. The artist met a girl of Tatar origin in Moscow. In the future, she will move to the United States and will definitely call her beloved with her, because they will have a common child - their son Maxim. According to some stars, Zhvanetsky really had a home and family in the United States, but in the end the artist will remain in Russia. This time Mikhail Zhvanetsky will settle down by finding his beloved woman in Natalia. Mikhail Mikhailovich met his last love at a meeting of the Odessa Citizens Club.

The man appreciated the beauty of his new acquaintance, and he was also attracted by the girl's mysterious profession - a hydrologist. Natalia is 32 years younger, but age is not a hindrance to real feelings. Since 1991, the couple began to live together. In this relationship, a boy Dmitry will be born. One day he will ask why the parents are not married, and the couple will sign, but Natalya will leave her maiden name.


The satirist's weakened health made itself felt long before his death. In 2019, Mikhail Zhvanetsky broke his arm; later, rumors about the writer's serious illness appeared on the network. Recently, fans of the humorist's creativity instantly believed, because the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic raged in the country, posing a particular danger to the elderly.

Later it turned out that rumors about serious health problems of the comedian were nothing more than inventions of unscrupulous journalists. After a while, the press became aware of the death of the humorist. The satirist passed away at the age of 86.

"And death is just a break!" - wrote in one of his texts Mikhail Zhvanetsky, whose witty phrases will forever remain in the memory of his fans.

And there is no death
Why be afraid of death?
The greats all died - and nothing! ..
Thanks to them, there is life.
Well, if you finally think about it.
They died.

They wrote it all, left it and left.

They are no longer there.

And nothing…

And they do not grieve.

Why worry when such people, a hundred times smarter, a thousand more talented, more beautiful, more industrious - the dead.

And it seems that they do not regret it at all.

Do they aspire here? ..

At this, excuse me, time? ..

To these, sorry, people.

Here in this, sorry, life.

Who needs it today?

And they don't need to come here ...

And we can't get there from here.

And how easy it is to read them with delight.

Already all night ... Just a little more, a little more ...

And suddenly…

Lord, he died! Who wrote.

And save?

Now, maybe they would have saved ...

But you must?

What else would he say?

He wouldn't want to.

At a time like this, either die or be silent.

Here's what happened.

They have already gone through this, which I mean.

That's why they sounded like that.

And music, and colors, and words.

Go through this death - and you're okay.

And at once everything is simple.

Both the present and the youth, all beginners and beginners and breathing excitement.

Come on you!

Here is the tool ...

Here is the table ...

Sit down!

You are all wearing glasses, computers, passwords.

Just think, secrets ...

You will go through death, and you will understand everything, and you will know everything, and everything is not scary, and you will understand and gasp.

So they all died - and nothing. They live!

And death is just a break!

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