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The worst sofa in New York: the couch was found, on which Weinstein spent casting


Source: Page Six

Harvey Weinstein was in too much of a hurry to flee his office in the Tribeca District to take care of destroying the evidence. The journalists found the very famous Casting Couch - a couch or a sofa for casting, which Hollywood celebrities were afraid to be on during the Weinstein's “reign” in the industry.

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It turned out to be a badly worn three-seater sofa, which still stands at the coffee table a couple of steps from the old desktop of the infamous producer, writes Page Six... The middle seat of the sofa has now been replaced by a pillow, perhaps to hide the traces of the movie mogul's alleged intimate conquests.

Weinstein's sofa figures prominently in the cascade of #MeToo claims against it. This sofa has been a topic of discussion before - for example, in March 2018, street artists in Hollywood erected a monument to the producer, depicting him in a bathrobe on the same sofa in a rich golden hue.


Italian model Ambra Battilana Gutierrez told police that she was sitting in this very seat in March 2015 when Weinstein touched her chest and tried to climb under her skirt. The meeting, according to the model, was originally “business”.

Former assistant producer Santip Rohal said that she had to regularly “clean semen on the couch in Harvey Weinstein’s office,” according to her own lawsuit against harassment against him.

“It happened on a regular basis, three or three times a week, when Harvey Weinstein was in New York,” the court documents say.

Moved also claimed that her work included the need to collect used Weinstein condoms and syringes, with which he injected an erection medication directly into his penis in the office.

Another office, Weinstein's old "lair", is equipped with a similar sofa - an obviously time-worn gray model with colored pillows. A treadmill is also installed here. This office is exactly what one of the victims Lucia Evans recalls. She told The New Yorker that Weinstein got her to give him oral satisfaction in a room that had training equipment.

Private media sources who visited the places called them "disgusting" and said they were shocked by the Oscar-winning producer's cheap, "damn ugly" furniture.

“Ikea would be a step forward. It's just a bad redwood from the 1987 sale, ”the source said. “It's really ugly. This whole place is too dilapidated. "


Sources said that there were other rooms near the office whose employees probably knew about everything that was happening in Weinstein’s office. According to the source, there is almost no sound insulation in the building, so people had to listen to sounds coming from the producer’s office.

Weinstein denies intimate contact "without the consent of the other party." After his May arrest, his lawyer Benjamin Braffman said: "Mr. Weinstein did not invent the casting couch in Hollywood."

The Weinstein Company left the office in October 2017: a few days after the New York Times and The New Yorker published allegations that Weinstein raped, harassed or mocked dozens of women from 1990.


Weinstein and his brother Bob bought the entire third floor at 375 Greenwich St. for 1,1 million dollars in 1989 year. After the scandal, the place was quietly put on the market for 10 million, but recently the price was lowered to 7,9 million.

Anyone who buys space next door to famous people like Steven Spielberg and George Lucas will most likely rebuild everything. A broker familiar with the property said owners are unlikely to get more than 6 million dollars.

The sales brochure states that the place will be “sold vacant” and does not mention the scar caused to these walls by the previous owner.

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