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The most fun wedding laws of America



In America, there are still funny laws regarding weddings and divorces. In addition, each state has its own funny law.

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So, in the states California, Texas, Colorado and Montana Wedding by power of attorney, so to speak, is considered commonplace. What it is? At such wedding ceremonies, instead of the groom, his confidant may attend, writes This usually happens in cases where the bride can not attend the wedding personally, for example, if he is serving in the army at this time.

But in the state Montana local law allows the replacement of another bride! That is, at the marriage ceremony the names of the real spouses are called, but their representatives stand before the priest.

In state Арканзас between 2007 and 2008, even babies could marry, provided that their parents agreed. The purpose of this law was noble - so that pregnant adolescents could get married and their children were born in legal marriage. But the legislators have forgotten to specify the age limit for spouses. Finally, in April, 2008 was amended to allow boys to marry - 17 years old, girls - 16.

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It is forbidden to marry a joke in the state Delaware. Probably, they often got married here for laughter, since such a law was issued.

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В Kentucky You can not marry the same person 4 times. Well, in fact, if 3 times were divorced, then the fourth time is a bust. Since the residents of the state themselves do not understand this, then it is time for the legislators to intervene.

В Mississippi the groom, in order to prove his worth, must shoot 6 thrushes or 3 crows.

In state Massachusetts newlyweds can not sleep naked in a removable room. It seems there was a precedent with the owners of the rooms, who suddenly appeared in the morning.

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В South carolina, a young man under the age of 16, who hinted about marriage, is obliged to marry. Otherwise, his proposal is regarded as sexual harassment.

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В Kansas it is written in black and white that ill-treatment of the mother-in-law is not yet a reason for divorce.

В Connecticut Can't kiss outside on sundays.

В New Orleans you can not guess in the palm of a wedding: when, with whom and how. And right! Let it be a surprise for everyone!

Interestingly, while the Americans themselves know what funny laws they have?

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