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The most common makeup mistakes and how to fix them: makeup artist tips



The modern cosmetic industry offers fashionistas such a number of products that their names can not be remembered for a couple of years. The main thing is to be able to use them correctly, otherwise you can get wrinkles, peeling and strange spots instead of a beautiful and radiant face. I talked with makeup artist Nadezhda Bikulova and found out from her what typical mistakes women make-up make.

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1. The same makeup at 20 and 40 years old

A make-up that was perfect at age 20 can ruin your appearance at age 40. The older you are, the softer the lines should be. Graphic arrows can emphasize “crow's feet”, and a clear contour of the lips - wrinkles around the mouth.

If you can’t refuse the arrows, then take a look at the shaded options.

2. Do not consider skin type

When buying cosmetics, it is worth considering not only the color of the skin, but also its type: dry, oily, normal or combination. An incorrectly selected foundation can emphasize oily sheen, peeling, fine wrinkles and enlarged pores.

If you have oily skin, choose a matte tone that contains zinc or titanium dioxide, tea tree oil or hyaluronic acid. For makeup, it is better to use dry products: blush, sculptor and highlighter.

Owners of dry skin should better look at tonal products with the effect of radiance. They usually contain oils, vitamin E and SPF filters. For makeup, use cream products or products in a stick.

3. Apply the sculptor and highlighter on bare skin

Which of us does not dream of beautiful cheekbones and radiant skin. Sculptors, highlighters, blush and other cosmetics come to the rescue. The main thing is to remember that all this must be applied on a tonal basis.

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It is very difficult to blend products for contouring on bare, unprepared skin. They can stick, stain, or swim. And who wants to have the face of a cheerful leopard?

4. Do not use blush

If you are afraid with the help of blush to turn into Marfushenka darling, then you just choose them incorrectly.

In a dusty metropolis, a person needs hydration and protection. Dehydrated and tired skin can ruin even the most beautiful makeup. To look fresh and rested, use blush - this is a real must-have. You need to apply them not only on the cheeks, but also on the tip of the nose and just above the eyebrow. Then your face will look fresh and toned.

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5. Retract your cheeks

Bloggers advise: to highlight the cheekbones, you need to draw in your cheeks and darken the resulting recess with a sculptor. But this method of face correction can give the opposite effect. The jaw will look bulky and the chin will look heavy. This is because the cheekbone line is lower than it actually is.

Relax your face, place your palm edge under your cheekbone and find a natural indentation. This is the correction zone. It is necessary to apply the sculptor from the ear, blending it to the corners of the mouth.

6. Do not paint the lower eyelid

The lower eyelid is not only possible to be painted, but also necessary. This technique will make your image harmonious, eyes expressive and correct the overhanging upper eyelid. In order not to make the look heavy and the eyes small, do not let the lower eyelid with a black pencil and too dark shadows. It is better to use shades of nude shades that need to be well shaded.

7. Apply foundation first and then shade

Makeup is best to start with the eyes, and then proceed to applying the tonal foundation. Shadows, even the most expensive ones, can crumble under the lower eyelid and “stick” in the cream layer. It is very difficult to remove such spots: you will either need to mask them with a concealer, or remove them with micellar water and start makeup again.

In order not to do the vain work, first make up your eyes, and then brush away what has been showered with a fluffy powder brush. You can also use special makeup patches.

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8. Choose eye shadow color

The idea that the shade of the shadows should match the color of the eyes has long been rooted in the memory of many. But this is a misconception, the shadows should contrast with the iris.

  • Blue eyes fit a shade of fuchsia, violet, copper and golden.
  • Green - brown, chocolate, peach and plum.
  • Karim - plum, cobalt, lilac, dark green, dusty pink and golden.

9. Draw mascara on the brush with up and down movements

To gain a lot of mascara and color eyelashes well, many girls insert a brush several times into a tube and quickly remove it back. However, this should not be done: a lot of air gets into the mascara, it dries faster, deteriorates, lumps form. The brush can wrinkle, and the villi on it can break.

To draw mascara, scroll the brush several times in a tube and gently pull it out.

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10. Use black mascara

Not a single make-up is complete without mascara. Only if you pick it up incorrectly can you spoil your makeup and make your look heavy and tired. And the point here is not in lumps and gluing eyelashes, but in color.

Black mascara is suitable for burning brunettes or brown-haired women. If you have light brown hair and cold blonde eyes, then pay attention to gray-graphite mascara. For girls with a warm skin tone, green and light brown eyes, brown or coffee mascara is suitable.

11. Curl your eyelashes with a curler

There is nothing terrible in the curler. The main mistake is to curl your eyelashes after applying the mascara. So you can damage and even break eyelashes. Mascara freezes, making them brittle. For the same reason, do not remove lumps with your fingers.

12. Third person cotton pad

This error applies to makeup remover. No need to rub your face hard in an attempt to remove makeup. So you stretch and injure the skin. You need to apply micellar water on a cotton pad and gently apply to your face, after waiting a few seconds. In this way, makeup will be removed faster and without harm to the skin.

Which of these mistakes have you made?

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