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The most useful and popular applications in America


The best apps in America: how to quickly call a taxi, order food, watch a brand new TV series and easily find parking? Read in this article! The USA is a country where people especially love comfort and technical innovations that simplify life. Quickly call a taxi from your phone, cool music in one click on the computer or constant access to all new TV movies and TV shows. And of course, food delivery! As without her.


This article focuses on the most popular applications in America and programs that will probably come in handy after moving to the US (and even if you come as a tourist), well, you should know about them because they know about them and use them almost all Americans.


Uber - a very convenient application to the phone. The advantages here are that a person will come by your car. Drivers in Uber usually all very sociable and positive. They can treat you to candy, they almost always have water for passengers in the car, and they can learn a lot of interesting things if you come to a new place for you. In addition to the human factor, the application itself Uber very comfortably. Do not call anyone on the phone (in the States it is generally the last century), do not pay anyone cash (paper money) and even more to leave a tip. Ordered a taxi, pointing the screen a couple of times iPhone, payment is automatically withdrawn from your bank card. That is, you just got into the car and just went to the right place for you. Well, the last Uber noticeably cheaper than regular taxi services, this is its main plus.

Gaining momentum and a similar service. Lyft. Also an option, but no matter how much they try, Uber until it surpasses them. Well, more luxury taxis are Black lanewhere a beautiful black car with a driver in a suit will arrive for you.


Service Pandorawhere you can listen to ready-made radio stations, or make your own playlist radio station. Listening to a song, you need to rate it - whether it is pleasant or not, and the service will try to adjust to your taste.

But the most popular music app at the moment is Spotify. You can download app on the phone, install the program on your computer or just listen to music from their site. Here you will find albums of various artists, radio stations according to the style of music and you can create your own playlists. There even is Spleen, we sometimes listen to him in the car, although the service itself does not officially work in the same Russia as Pandora, but everyone in America is available. Even in this list, you can add Google Music, Prime Music from Amazon and iTuneswhich you probably know for a long time. In the latter there are two options - this is a free radio and a paid subscription to music, when you can listen to it online.

Movies and TV shows

One of the most popular TV services in America is Netflix. Mostly they love him because of the TV shows, especially if you decide to revise all seasons, for example, the TV series “Friends”. True, with the programs and cinema there is little new, but all that is basic from previous years, everything will be there. Strong competitor Netflix Is a service Hulu. In it, many TV shows new series appear immediately. There are also movies, TV shows and cartoons.

In addition, large channels, such as HBO or FOX, there are applications through which for a certain amount you get a subscription and full access to all the major series from this channel. For example, the same "Game of Thrones", which belong to the channel HBO. As well as various shows and movies you can watch on Amazon Prime Video and on the same iTunes.

Food delivery

Do not let you stay hungry for such a service as Doordash. There are many different cafes and restaurants in it, which Dordes shows you, based on your area, including those places where there is no delivery service. The trick is that you choose dishes from the menu of the place you like and pay by bank card for an order. And a person goes to the restaurant of your choice, buys everything according to your list and brings you home. In fact, it’s like a service “go for me in a cafe and bring something to eat that I like - here’s money for you.” Very convenient service, especially if you want soup and steak, and not the next pizza, although it will be brought to you. You can order McDonald’s.

Yes, and in general, there are a whole bunch of similar services with food and home delivery in the States. Now they are at the peak of popularity and are developing very actively. Again, delivery from restaurants - Grubhub, delivery from supermarkets - InstaCart (for example, from Whole Foods), product delivery service AmazonFresh - This is an additional site from the largest American online store, but which specializes exclusively in food (in fact, this is an online food store), here you can add Postmates - also deliver goods to order, and express delivery service Google Express - they can quickly bring you non-perishable goods from many supermarkets and pharmacies (that is, they almost don’t carry food, but packaging of toilet paper, if you have suddenly finished, will be delivered in a moment). In general, as you understand, the choice of such services is simply huge! And most importantly, this is all very convenient: if you do not like to go to the shops, you do not have time, you want to order something heavy by weight (for example, a package of mineral water), well, or you are just lazy. And just recently there was an additional service from a taxi. Uber called Uber Eatswhich also delivers food to the house.

Home delivery

Since I wrote about Amazon.comI will make a separate item about it. He deserves it. On this site you can buy almost everything that comes to mind, except for products (again, they created AmazonFresh), but lemonade, cookies and chocolates will also be there. I will say this, 80% of our stuff is from Amazon. And, probably, all household goods. Furniture, electronics, cosmetics. Nail polish and grater for carrots. It's just the largest in the US, and probably, in the world, an online store. Moreover, their delivery is very fast, up to one day. That is, it is very convenient!


There is an application called LUXEThis is when your car is parked for you. Are you lazy or have no time to look for a place (and in the big cities with parking, you know, there are very often problems)? You hand over a car to a service worker in a convenient place for you LUXE and go about their business. Parking your car is his concern. When you decide to leave, he will bring your car to a convenient place for you.

There are various applications that help you choose and even reserve a parking space in advance, so that you do not search for it, such as BestParking, SpotHero, Parker and many others.


Naturally, the best program for a phone with cards is Google Maps. The second or even the first place among the drivers is probably Waze, which shows a lot of useful information on the roads.


Of course, this Yelp. I have already written about it in my articles. This is the site and it is the application on the phone, which has all the restaurants, lounges, shops, carwash, parking, clinics and, in general, has it all! And about all these places, people write their reviews, which is very convenient, especially in huge metropolitan areas, when there is very much, I would even say, too much. Choose a good dentist? Find a delicious cafe with ice cream? Vet for your pet? All in Yelp... Moreover, if you do not know where to go or find yourself in a new place, for example, you have come to another city for a walk and are hungry - he seriously helps out.

In general, as you understand, America does not stand still. Applications and delivery services are developing by leaps and bounds. And this I listed only the main applications, the most useful and most often used. You can add an application to all of this. Dark Skywhich makes the weather forecast an hour ahead - “it seems to be raining,” any Seatgeek to track cheap gigs, and for example, the same Nestthrough which you can control your air conditioner from a mobile phone.

Stacy Kireev, author Blog "Russian notes about American life" and Instagram about life in America.

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