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The most chic after Melania and Ivana: Trump was going to marry Princess Diana


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Donald Trump has always been a connoisseur of female beauty. The billionaire did not remain indifferent to the charm of Princess Diana: for some time he persistently courted her and cherished the dream of making her his wife, writes the author of the channel Hit on "Yandex.Zen".

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The future 45th President of the United States and Lady Dee met in December 1995 at a charity dinner in New York. The businessman was amazed at how politely but firmly the Princess of Wales stopped the critics who tried to disrupt her speech at the Hilton. Later, during dinner, the Trump couple and Diana ended up at the same table. Donald offered the princess a free membership to his Mar-a-lago golf club, which she tactfully refused.

Despite this, the construction magnate was so fascinated by the princess that he decided to certainly win her favor. Press reports about Diana's problems in family life only strengthened Donald's intentions. He was not even stopped by the fact that he himself was then married to actress Marla Maples.

Trump sent the princess a huge basket of flowers on her 35th birthday. But not so long ago, he believed that for a woman 35 years old is "the time to write off." In his memoir The Art of Returning, Donald recalls the impression the English aristocrat made on him: she seemed to illuminate the room with her presence and conquered everyone around her with incredible charisma. For the billionaire, Diana became "a true princess and an elusive dream lady."

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To win the favor of the Princess of Wales, Trump made a generous donation to her charitable foundation. A letter of gratitude from Diana inspired her boyfriend and pushed him to take decisive action. Armfuls of roses and orchids were delivered daily to the lady's apartment at Kensington Palace.

According to Selina Scott (journalist and friend of Diana), the princess once complained to her that the construction tycoon was being too pushy. Lady Dee admitted that she does not know what to do with such a mass of flowers, and from the insistence of Mr. Trump, she shivers and a feeling of persecution. In an article in the Sunday Times (2015), Scott suggested that Donald viewed Diana as the "perfect trophy wife," but he had no chance of reciprocity.

The death of Diana put an end to the ambitious plans of the future president. In an interview with Howard Stern, the man expressed regret that he had not had time to seduce the princess. Trump thought she was beautiful, like a supermodel. However, despite the words of admiration, he uttered a strange phrase: "She was crazy, but these are trifles." In addition, the businessman said that he would start a romantic relationship with her only after Diana was tested for AIDS. Many of Lady Dee's fans considered such a statement offensive, and an avalanche of criticism fell on Trump.

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Trump remembered the Princess of Wales again a few years later, when he made his rating "10 gorgeous women." On this list, he placed the late Lady Dee in third place. He put Melania on the top line, and Ivana Trump on his second first wife.

What do you think? How would you feel about Diana as the first lady of the United States? Or Melania is closer to you?

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