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The most beautiful woman in the USA will not get to any man: she has found a wife for herself


Source: USA Today

The former winner of the Miss America contest married her long-time partner at a beautiful ceremony in the style of the American South in her native Alabama.

Deirdre Downes Gunn, who was crowned “Miss America” in 2005 and now works as an obstetrician-gynecologist, linked herself to lawyer Abbott Jones at the Birmingen Museum of Art, writes USA Today. The ceremony was held by pastor gay Jennifer Sanders.

“I am so lucky to have a wife who fills even the small, everyday moments of our life with great joy,” the former Miss America admitted to reporters.

Deirdre led her eight-year-old son to the altar from marriage with Andrew Gann, with whom the woman entered into marriage in the 2008 year, but later divorced.

After the ceremony, 200 guests were treated to traditional Southern food - chicken, waffles, fried green tomatoes and buttermilk cookies.

“Deirdre is the most beautiful person I have met, both inside and out. I have no doubt that she will remain a role model for many women who will look at her and see that no matter whom you love, you can be beautiful, smart and confident, ”said the bride about her beloved. now a wife, Abbott.

The day after the ceremony, the newlyweds flew to Ireland, where they plan to spend their honeymoon.

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