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"The most beautiful girl in the world" dies under mysterious circumstances


Source: Fox News

Twin Peaks star Pamela Gidley, 52, was found dead in her own home in New Hampshire. The cause of death of the actress has not yet been named.


Photo: Instagram

Pamela Gidley was once called the most beautiful girl in the world - as a child she worked as a young model. The actress became famous throughout the world for the role of a 17-year-old girl of easy virtue named Teresa Banks from the TV series "Twin Peaks: Through the Fire", says Fox News.

Gidley's career began in New York, after which she moved to Los Angeles, where she spent most of her adult life. She rose to fame in 1986 when she starred in the film "Clash", then stars such as Josh Brolin and Sherilyn Fenn became the partners of the actress.

In a 2016 interview, Pamela talked about how she constantly flew from the Bahamas to Seattle to star simultaneously in the Twin Peaks prequel and another movie, The Team. All flights and insurance were paid by director David Lynch, who really wanted the actress to participate in the filming of the series. The actress later made cameo appearances on MacGyver, The Imitator, Campaign for Duty, CSI, and Snoop.

Brolin paid tribute to the memory of Gidley by publishing her photo in his Instagram, accompanying him with warm words addressed to the late Pamela.

“Rest in peace, beautiful girl,” the actor added to his words.

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