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'The most beautiful grandmother in the world' revealed the secrets of the fight against aging



A few years ago, the tabloid The Sun called her the most beautiful grandmother in the world - not because of her age, but because she already has grandchildren. This year she received the Blogger of the Year award in Cannes. 51-year-old Zaklin's model Berrido Pisano is really a real beauty, a recognized icon of style and femininity, writes

In an interview with People Without Borders, Zaklina told how she manages to look 20 years younger and that gives her so much energy.

“Many girls constantly write that they dream of being in my place,” says the model. - To which I answer: "Stop pretending to be someone else."

Fashion, according to Zaklina, is just a replication, and if you want to become truly unique, you need to find your face and not be like everyone else.

“The most important advice I can give young fashionistas is:“ Keep your mind elegant! ” - Zaklina continues. - But if you feel unhappy because you don't wear fancy things, I would advise you to become happy first. It is always better to be happy than well dressed! ”

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The model says that she usually begins to create her bow with a choice of earrings and a scarf, and her image develops by itself. The main secret of the Spell is in constant experiments. A woman studies the history of fashion, visits libraries, museums and exhibitions, but most importantly, she knows how to find positive in any situation.

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She does not hide the fact that a couple of years ago her beloved son Stefan was tragically killed: he was hit by a car. But it was thanks to him that Berrido Pisano started a blog on Instagram.

“I started creating content consisting of photos and my thoughts underneath,” the model recalls. - Just for the sake of this I forced myself to get out of bed in the morning, to wash ... Everything seemed so meaningless. I only remembered the words of my son: "Instagram will entertain you when you miss me." At that time we lived in two different countries - I settled in Warsaw for three years to work on a project. Gradually, the connection with my subscribers strengthened and helped me psychologically. I did not even notice that I began to put my heart and soul into my posts. My beautiful divine souls (this is how I address my subscribers), you ask me how I feel about becoming a star. I tell you: we have all always been stars! Our bodies are made of the same cosmic stardust, we are all made of stars! ”

Secrets of happiness and beauty Spells Berrido Pisano

1. To be happy and energetic, stop comparing yourself to others. Comparison is the greatest thief of your personal strength and joy!

2. To create the life of your dreams, take responsibility for it and start doing what you like.

3. To make good money, change the thought “I want to make more money” to “How to do something useful for other people.” Money is a byproduct of what you love.

4. Find what you are good at and develop these talents.

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