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“I did not contact the deceased’s relatives”: the public is outraged by the behavior of Efremov after the accident



Honored Artist of Russia Mikhail Efremov did not apologize to the family of the driver Sergei Zakharov, who died in the accident, as a result of the accident that occurred on June 11 in the center of Moscow., Said

Screenshot: ZHZL with Dmitry Bykov / YouTube

According to journalists, Mikhail Efremov has not yet apologized to the driver’s family. Relatives of Sergei Zakharov buried the deceased, while the artist at that time was in the next interrogation. He later returned home, where he was met by a group of journalists. Reporters asked for comment on the investigation, but Efremov refused, citing non-disclosure obligations.

In addition, according to media reports, the defendant did not contact the relatives of the deceased driver. The actor did not answer the insistent questions of journalists about why he decided not to communicate with Zakharov’s relatives. Honored Artist, hiding his eyes behind dark glasses and bowing his head, silently climbed the stairs to his apartment.

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In his apartment, located in a house in Plotnikov Lane, the actor, by court order, will spend the next two months.

Efremov in the courtroom. Screenshot: Channel One News / YouTube

The examination, we recall, established that the artist was allegedly driving his jeep on that unfortunate night. intoxicated. Note that Efremov is actively cooperating with the police, which may help him avoid maximum punishment.

But public condolences to the relatives of Zakharova were expressed by Mikhail's daughter. Anna-Maria spoke about the readiness to help the relatives of the deceased. She, by the way, sharply condemned the act of her father and urged everyone not to drive while intoxicated.

Efremov’s fifth wife, Sofia Kruglikova, recently said with whom the actor could spend the last hours before the accident. According to her, Mikhail was in the company of "dangerous" friends. On the night of the accident, the spouse wanted to come to the scene, but did not do this because of the husband’s call with threats.

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