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Thanksgiving with mom: Ivanka Trump showed a cute archive photo


Source: TSN

38-year-old daughter of the president showed her baby picture.


Thanksgiving was celebrated in the United States yesterday. On this occasion, the daughter of U.S. President Donald Trump Ivanka posted on Instagram an archive photo in which she is captured with her mother Ivana, writes TSN.

“Happiness at home,” Ivanka wrote under the photo, adding a hashtag: “Memories from Thanksgiving Day.”

In the picture, Ivanka is 10-12. She is in a black outfit and with braces on her teeth.

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Ivan has a black blouse with transparent sleeves, a colorful skirt, gold earrings, an elegant hairstyle and rich makeup. She's going to serve a huge turkey.


Donald Trump was Ivana Trump's second husband. They were married from 1977 to 1992 years.

In this union, three children were born: in 1977, Donald John Trump Jr. was born, in 1981 - Ivanka Marie Trump, and in 1984 - Eric Frederick Trump.

In total, Ivana Trump had four husbands: with the last, Rossano Rubicondi, she divorced in the 2009 year.

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Since October 25 of 2009, Ivanka has been married to the millionaire Jared Kushner, whom she met a year before the wedding.


He is the son of multi-billionaire and one of the leaders of the Jewish community of New York, Charles Kushner. Jared Kushner graduated with honors from the University, acquired the New York Observer in 25 for years, proved to be a talented editor, and by the 30 he was already a media tycoon.


The couple have three children: Arabella Rose Kushner was born in 2011, Joseph Frederick Kushner was born in 2013, and Theodore James Kushner was born in 2016.

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