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With the evil eye pendant: Meghan Markle first publicly made a video call from Los Angeles


Source: New Time

After moving to Los Angeles and officially abandoning the duties of members of the royal family, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle began to appear more and more in public, recalls "New Time".

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So, while at home in Los Angeles, Meghan Markle made a video call to the British charity Smart Works Charity, which remained in her charge after she and Prince Harry refused to serve as senior members of the royal family. The organization helps women in difficult situations to find work.

In her conversation, which came as a surprise to one of the participants in the project, Meghan Markle said a few parting words before an interview for a new job.

“You seem incredibly confident and prepared. “I know everyone here is so excited,” Megan said. “I read about your interests: especially mental health, right?” Psychology? I think this is a great choice. I just wanted to call and wish you good luck, and my fingers are crossed for you. "

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Markle noted that she was very pleased to support this organization, to see how many people she helped, and that she was proud of the opportunity to be her patron.

Meghan Markle was appointed the patron of the charity Smart Works Charity in January 2019, and in September of the same year she presented a charitable collection of business clothes and accessories, the creation of which attracted four well-known brands.

Fans of the royal family noted that during a conversation with London on Meghan Markle was the original pendant. This is the jewelry of the British brand Edge of Ember. According to the authors, "his goal is to protect the owner from negative vibrations." It is noteworthy that for the first time Meghan Markle was noticed with jewelry from the evil eye during the official tour of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex to South Africa.

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After the refusal to fulfill the duties of the royal family members officially entered into force at the end of March, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle moved to live in Los Angeles and began the process of registering the Archwell charity fund, which was named after their son. A month after the move, the couple first appeared in public - the spouses joined as volunteers in the charity project Project Angel Food and got into the lenses of surveillance cameras.

Prince Harry is also keeping up with his wife. He took part in the recording of a special issue of the children's animation program “Thomas the Engine”, which celebrates its 75th anniversary this year.


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