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With food alone: ​​how not to gain weight during coronavirus quarantine


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It’s a little surreal to watch the whole world go to work remotely or go on forced vacations in connection with the coronavirus pandemic. For the past 13 years, as a full-time freelance writer, I have been practicing almost constant self-isolation and social distance for a long time, says Stacy Bellis, author Myrecipes.

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I usually go to business and to shops after hours with a small crowd of people, I use delivery services almost daily, and in general I cook or collect two or three meals a day plus snacks without leaving my kitchen.

Still, I'm not here to tell you how to make healthy food from the pantry or to give you tips on how to structure your day at home. I am here to tell you how not to eat up all your pandemic food supplies during the first two days of quarantine.

It is one thing to have a snack in the company of colleagues who see what and how much you eat, it is quite another to be alone (or in the circle of a small number of loved ones) with a mass of food temptations that you bought in anticipation of quarantine. And if your order from Costco included a few giant bags of chips or a year's set of salted caramel in chocolate besides rice and beans, I'll tell you how to get into your own office pants after quarantine, despite the temptations.

Tip 1: control your servings

First and foremost: when it comes to snacks, serving size is of the utmost importance. And although this is true 24/7/365, it is especially important when you sit at home all day, knowing that the pantry is full of treats. Therefore, whenever possible, buy pre-portioned or individually packaged foods and snacks. It’s easier to avoid unnecessary temptations when you need to open all seven without scattering them in the kitchen to consume seven packs of cookies. And if you bought a product that is not divided into portions, divide it yourself.

Tip 2: drink plenty of water

Hydration is your friend. The more you drink, the less hungry you will feel. Keep water close to you at all times and try to drink it consistently throughout the day. Especially if you drink anything with caffeine, which can have a dehydrating effect. If I want to have a snack, I'll drink a full glass of water and turn on the timer for 15 minutes. If I still want to eat something when the buzzer rings, then I will eat - but in my case, 85% of the impulse is gone.

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Tip 3: know your weaknesses and avoid them

Everyone has their own Achilles heel. For example, I can't have tortilla chips in my house. An open package is an empty package. My husband, who also works from home, and I, will eat them, as if in a fog, until we empty all the packaging. On the other hand, I often completely forgot that we had half a box of ice cream until it turned into something completely frozen, completely spoiled from long storage in the freezer. Can't trust yourself? Don't buy foods that are tempting.

Tip 4: buy healthier versions of what you love

Instead of ice cream in layers of chocolate and caramel, try frozen Greek yogurt bars, three of which are roughly equal to one serving of ice cream in sugar and calories. Popcorn is better than pretzels, which are better than chips. Dark chocolate squares or chocolate covered almonds are better choices than candy, and jelly candies are better than chocolate.

Tip 5: freeze (and hide) your treats

Freeze pastries so that they can be thawed before meals. If possible, keep only a few servings of any snacks in places with easy access: use high shelves that require a stepladder or stool, take what is stored in a distant pantry or basement, and will help to avoid the temptation, staying out of sight.

Tip 6: keep your hands busy

Boredom is my biggest snack stimulant, so any project that involves both hands and mind will be a good deterrent. Knitting, coloring, preparing items for future cooking classes: do your best to stay active. Busy hands can't put a bar of chocolate in your mouth.

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Tip 7: engage the body

Try to take a break from your activity if you are tempted to eat something. Take a walk around the house or around (if the quarantine mode allows you to exit without contacting people), stretch, squat, do a 10-minute meditation or work out on a YouTube video. Activity can prevent you from plunging into a potato chip bath.

Tip 8: don't be too hard on yourself

Finally, be kind to yourself and understand that any mistake is fixable. If you overdo it in the morning, keep on a healthy diet for the rest of the day. And a bad day can be corrected - tomorrow everything will work out. We are all in the same boat, and all this will also pass.

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